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Stem Cell Therapy is One Step Closer to Becoming Law in Texas

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.22.00 AMStem cell therapy is one step closer to becoming law in Texas, the latest state to push for passage of a patients’ “Right to Try” legislation. House Bill (HB) 810 is one of three proactive stem cell bills being considered in the Texas Legislature that would make it easier for those suffering with incurable illnesses to have access to stem cell treatments. The bill, which passed the Texas House unanimously, now heads over to the Senate.

Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research for Grace Century comments: “This kind of legislation, hopefully will be controlled, but moves the goal post closer for the industry. Personally, I am waiting for Insurance companies to agree to pay for storage of young healthy cells: to me that’s a no brainer for improving health down the road, while saving tons of cash.”

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Quantum’s latest blog points the way forward


health data

The latest blog from Grace Century’s portfolio project , Quantum Group’s PWeR, is an insightful look into the future of the electronic health records (EHR) industry.

Quantum CEO, Noel Guillama explains in the article that improved care was supposed to be the result of the drive in recent years to populate the US healthcare system with EHR’s, however little evidence has shown that Meaningful Use Certification (MU-2) has done this. Hence, MU2 is not meaningful to MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) and the associated inefficiencies have potentially cost the industry billions of dollar.

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MediXall to introduce financial products to assist members

MediXall Company News May 2017MediXall Group, Inc., who are the medical network arm of Grace Century Electronic Medical Records (EMR) portfolio partner Quantum, has confirmed that it will be offering financial products to its MediXaid® platform members.

The news, which was launched via a mess release this week, reports the strategy behind offering such products to platforms members is to assist them in developing their businesses and client/patient relationships. The range of products includes options for both health care providers and their patients, and supporting financing tools will be available via TBG Holdings Corporation and its affiliate, Crossroads Capital Finance Group.

Noel Guillama, MDXL Chairman stated, “We need more transparency in healthcare, and our soon-to-be-launched health care platform, MediXaid®, will provide the price transparency consumers are demanding. The next thing that is needed is reallocation of capital to healthcare. Adding products that offer capital for growth for providers and financing services to patients, will open up new opportunities for accelerated progress. Today we have the technology to help in both cases.”

Read the full press release on Yahoo! Finance here.

Store-A-Tooth Featured on CBS58 News

storeatoothgirl-200x300Once again – Grace Century’s dental stem cell storage project partner – Provia Labs, and their branded product Store-A-Tooth – has been featured as a video news item on a US news network.

Milwaukee-based CBS58 ran a news item which focused on the potential for children’s teeth to be used a source of dental stem cells, which could provide valuable medical treatments for that child in the future via their potenial ability to transform into different types of cells and regenerate organs, providing hope to people suffering life-threatening conditions.

Dr. Peter Verlander, founder of Store-A-Tooth, is featured in the article and describes dental stem cell storage technology by saying “we think of it as having different tools in a tool kit.”

Watch the full video article on CBS58 by clicking here.

Department of Veterans Affairs to seek commercial EHR system

Proud saluting male army soldier on american flag background (Memorial day, Veteran's day, 4th of july, Independence day)According to a recent report on Health Care IT News, The US Department of Veteran Affairs will shift to a commercial electronic health records (EHR) systems, moving away from the VistA system that it had previously developed in-house.

VistA had been developed to initially to serve both the VA and the U.S. Department of Defense, however last year it was confirmed that each organisation would develop their own system. The VA has, since that point, struggled to develop a system adequate for their needs, thus the focus towards 3rd party commercially-available solutions.

VA Secretary David Shulkin, MD, said “I’ve come to the conclusion that VA building its own software products and doing its own software development inside is not a good way to pursue this. We need to move toward commercially-tested products.

This is potentially good news for Grace Century’s EHR project partner The Quantum Group. Quantum CEO Noel Guillama said “The industry about to make a huge leap. We are ready to jump in- we can compete, not for this but for doctors and MSO/ACO looking for real solutions”

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Provia Labs / Store-a-tooth hold’s its First “Family Appreciation Day”

Provia Labs FAD 1Provia labs held a special events day, inviting select customers, employees, as well as their families to a fun filled luncheon. Showcasing different segments of Store-a-tooth’s client base, the day was captured by a film crew and included interviews with different families.

Included was a family who had an adopted daughter, so they never had the ability to bank cord blood. Another family had a child with Type 1 Diabetes, who hadn’t banked cord blood and explained why they now regret it. They see Provia as a second chance.

A third family was a dad with his college age son studying Microbiology. The son told the parents about stem cell banking when he was having his wisdom teeth out, and now they are the strongest advocates.

Prior to the event, CEO Howard Greenman instructed employees to group into teams, “Apprentice Style” , and pick a project manager, name the team, and develop an activity for the luncheon – winning team gets a prize.

  1. Team “Pulp Fiction” created a dental/stem cell jeopardy game
  2. Team “Dr. D-Ciduous” created a photo booth for people to take pics (with lab props)
  3. Team “Lab Olympics” created a contest/tournament to race to fill pipette tips into a rack


Provia Labs FAD 2 Provia Labs FAD 3 Provia Labs FAD 4

In Honour of the day, Dr. Peter Verlander’s son (unplanned) lost a tooth!

Provia Labs FAD 5

MediXall Announce Launch of Phase 2 Recruitment of Healthcare Providers

MediXall article May 4th 2017It has recently been reported on Yahoo! News that MediXall Group, Inc., who are the medical network arm of Grace Century Electronic Medical Records (EMR) portfolio partner Quantum, have announced the launch of Phase 2 in the recruitment of Healthcare Providers. This has been done with the Provider Development Website, which has been designed to speed-up the enlisting of selected physician practices, diagnostic centers and medical services companies to the MediXaid Platform.

MediXall Group Chief Operating Officer, Carl Larsen, stated, “We are excited by the overwhelmingly positive response we are receiving from healthcare practices to join the MediXaid® Provider Network. We believe we have developed a strong marketing and sales program that will both facilitate the rapid development of a strong healthcare provider network in the South Florida are, plus will further serve as a foundation for expanding our reach throughout the State and nationwide.”

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf said “Fresh Out of the box, Grace Century and Quantum’s Portfolio firm is moving forward fast. We are so excited for this firm, with Beta testing expected over the summer.”

Read the full article on Yahoo! News by clicking here.

Subscribing to Cloud Computing

3D illustration. Image background concept of cloud computing.

A recent article on ZD Net takes a look at cloud computing / technology and how it the business models to generate revenue from related products have evolved over the years.

Our electronic medical records partner The Quantum Group Inc, have developed an innovative cloud- based system known PWeR, which a shortened version of Personal Wellness Record. Quantum currently employs a subscription model, which interestingly is how most the companies who use cloud technology in other industries – Amazon being a prime example – are structuring their business models.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, commented “this is an interesting article on the subject of cloud technology, and from our perspective is it notable that Quantum have taken a commercial path which is similar to that of cutting-edge industry giants in other technology-based market sectors. The difference between the healthcare sector and other market sectors is that the use of cloud computing and related technology is very much behind in the healthcare sector, and Quantum are one of the very few companies in this sector who have embraced such technology at a best-practice level.”

Read the full article on ZD Net by clicking here.

Prove featured in CNN article about dental stem cells

CNN_International_logo_2014Provia Labs, Grace Century’s dental stem cell storage system portfolio project, has been features in an article on CNN on how dental cells could represent the next stage in the development of the emerging science of stem cell treatment.

The article, which is a lengthy and comprehensive feature, includes contributions from Dr. Joseph C. Laning, chief technology officer of Provia Laboratories LLC. The piece tries to balance the increasingly rigorous scientific case for the increased potential of stem cells as a method of treating complex disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS) and traumatic brain injury, with some more cautious views from the scientific community.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, commented “The fact that our portfolio project, Provia labs, has made it to CNN, simply serves to highlight the traction that stem cells and their significant future potential for the treatment of many conditions has gained in the medical world. Whilst the article includes the views of some of the more skeptical members of the community, it should be noted that The President of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Jade Miller endorses the storage of baby teeth / Wisdom teeth and has done so himself for his family. In addition, the opinion of professional medical bodies is no guarantee of anything as Dr. N (Advisor for Provia) discovered for himself with regard to the National Bone Registry as we reported on our blog article of last May.

Read the full CNN article by clicking here.


Where is the money flowing? Into regenerative medicine

April 19th News Story ImageA recent report from Goldman Sachs, featured in an article on News Max Finance strongly indicates that regenerative medicine is continuing to be a an attractive option for investment.

The GS report is entitled “The Coming Age of Regenerative Medicine”, and to quote from it “venture capital in companies pursuing regenerative medicine increased from $296 million in 2011 to $807 million in 2016, growing roughly 34% year-over-year.”

The report also states that 80 regenerative-medicine companies have gained investment with the last 3 years, representING approximately 50% of the top VC deals in 2015 and 2016.

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf said “This continues to show that our research was right 6 years ago. Regenerative medicine is the new Gold Rush.”

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