Grace Century Celebrates its 9th Anniversary

Grace Century Celebrates its 9th Anniversary

Grace Century, an international Research and Private Equity Company based out of Ras Al Khaimah, (North of Dubai) U.A.E., enters its tenth year working with companies in the regenerative medicine and the dynamic healthcare IT space.

CEO of Grace Century, Scott Wolf, comments on the current environment: “A perfect storm, whose components we identified years ago, is now finally starting to converge. The birth of 5G, the advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the continued integration of IOT (internet of things), data aggregation, and the “greying of the world’s population” have all come home to the world’s largest economic sector – healthcare. Nowhere is the future as bright, and the potential benefit to society as great, as with these fields and their applications to the world’s population and people’s health. This has presented incredibly exciting opportunities for our Angel Group as well as a fertile investment sector.”

Wolf adds: “Our other focus, regenerative medicine and stem cells in particular, has also seen further adoption this past year, but has been distracted by some bad players promising results from unproven therapies. This hurts everyone within that sector.”

The World’s economy has seen tremendous disruption due both to political forces and economic warfare. Grace Century sees this in currency manipulation, trade wars/tariffs, and politics. The disruption of technology (Amazon) and changing demographics (the greying of the world) are additional factors. Wolf comments: ‘‘The one sector that we believe will stay stead-fast and strong is healthcare. Furthermore, it’s not the traditional drug sector that we are excited about, but the delivery of care and the integration of technology to that end.”

All of Grace’s projects continue to work towards fruition with additional expansion of the IP portfolio for its main project.

Wolf concludes with a restatement from last year: “Our fellow Angels have stood by us from the beginning. Their constant support and encouragement are probably the most rewarding aspect of what we have experienced over the last 9 years. They never stumble or waiver. It has been empowering and humbling at the same time. We continue to work towards successful exits, building additional value, and leaving our mark on the healthcare industry as we know it.”

Grace Century FZ LLC is an International research and private equity consultancy located in Ras Al Kamiah, (North of Dubai) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Grace Century specializes in “game-changing” life science and health related private equity projects.

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