Quantum Group Achieves 17th AND 18th Patent Approvals

Quantum Group Achieves 17th AND 18th Patent Approvals

Grace Century’s Portfolio Project, The Quantum Group Awarded Two key patents to add to it’s Patent Portfolio

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE February 24,2020 – Grace Century’s Healthcare Innovation Project, the Quantum Group, has achieved a landmark 17th and 18th  patent. 

In their continued drive to improve healthcare through technology innovation and their lasered focus on demographics regarding the worlds aging population; The Quantum Group, Inc. has been awarded two key patents.

The firms 17th patent, “System And Method For Monitoring Physiological Functions” has successfully completed all reviews and is in the process of being issued.

The Patent centers around diagnostics and monitoring of the human respiratory system.

Noel Guillama, CEO for Quantum comments ”This innovation should be instrumental in monitoring of the dosage for symptomatic relief of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD. The concept is sufficiently simple that inexpensive microprocessors used in a greeting card could be included in a rescue inhaler, CPAP machine, nebulizer or other breathing apparatus to detect an abnormal breathing pattern. Such breathing patterns might occur for various reasons such as sleep apnea, or the patient has exceeded the dose of prescribed medication needed to recover normal breathing pattern. The typically administered medications can aggravate COPD and weaken its effectiveness, potentially shortening life for asthma and other COPD patients if overused. It is essential to meter dosage accurately”.

In one brief paragraph, this new patent earned defines: a novel method to automate highly complex healthcare situational management and relieve providers of tedious and human error prone task of monitoring patient vital pulmonary function. Yet, this concept retains and improves human oversight and control of the system. 

The firm’s 18th Patent “Personal Attribute Cartography With Analysis Feedback” ;and is also in the process of being issued.

Mr.  Guillama believes this to be a fundamental patent that connects (by plan) IoT devices, to providers via EHR (like the company’s PWeR® platform) and serves as a foundation of their newly formed BlueBox.Care ™.

He comments further “This new patent is ushering us to the very leading edge of patient healthcare and wellness management using connectivity. It will be able to do what was not acheviable other than in a hospital environment. Today’s 4G and 5G networks make it possible. We are excited about this relatively new frontier for healthcare in which we can combine our decades of healthcare knowledge with the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Medicine. We cannot recall another time in which the future of has been as bright or promising. We believe that the healthcare “ecosystem” we are creating has the potential to be not just transformative, but disruptive and become a lasting change agent to improve the direction of healthcare in the U.S. and worldwide by creating greater transparency and availability of healthcare but allowing individuals the control of their wellness to create a healthier society overall. 

Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century comments “We are so proud to have been involved with the Quantum Group, Inc. and to have seen such a portfolio of Intellectual Property amassed. The promise of AI, IOT, and deep machine learning, as it relates to healthcare, is truly live “living a dream”.

About The Quantum Group, Inc.

The Quantum Group, Inc. (“Quantum”) is a U.S. based applied technology healthcare enterprise platform company that has designed and/or developed proprietary medical technology platforms designed to revolutionize healthcare relationships and communications, nationally and potentially worldwide. In addition to the 18 patents issued to us, we have an additional 17 patents pending review and decision by the USPTO.

Today, global healthcare expenditures are over $8 trillion (USD) and are expected to grow to $18 trillion over the next 20 years. Based on an aging world population, we believe the only way to reduce exploding healthcare costs and improve overall care, is with the use of new systems and technology. Not technology for the sake of technology, but technology that can be transformative and drive better and more predictable outcomes. In effect, the art, science and technology of healthcare™. 

We believe all material improvements start with a better consumer-centric cloud-based wellness record, one that empowers the consumer, enables providers and improves the science of healthcare™. Our goal was to start with electronic health records (EHR) and expand out. We are doing that now. 

Over the past three years, Quantum has been transitioning from a single product company, to a platform company with numerous planned products and innovations including our existing certified EHR, PWeR® (Personal Wellness electronic Record®) and a completely innovative healthcare eCommerce platform. As a Company, we are continuously assessing, developing and maturing other applications that are interconnected with or will be evolving out of our flagship EHR platform, PWeR. 

About Grace Century, FZ LLC
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