Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR’s, also referred to as Electronic Medical Records or EMR’s) harness the power of modern digital technology to create secure, accessible patient records. EHR’s represent the future of healthcare administration, and are proven to simultaneously enhance patient care and reduce costs. In the USA, which is the largest healthcare market in the world, doctors and hospitals are heavily financially incentivized by government agencies to convert to using EHR’s – and will ultimately be penalized where they don’t. The value of the EHR market is predicted to be worth over $30 Billion by 2023, which represents a compound annual growth rate of 5.4% since 2014.

Our project partner in the field of EHR is The Quantum Group, Inc.


  • Quantum has developed, PWeR 2.0 (Personal Wellness Record 2.0), a could-based, cutting edge EHR platform hosting medical records and permitting interactive use. Medical records follow the patient, giving every healthcare provider that sees a particular patient access to all the information needed to assist in their diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • PWeR 2.0 is at the cutting edge of EHR technology – a telemedicine portal with voice recognition functionality, compatible with all outside and competitive systems and one of the only EHR solutions where patients can access their own records
  • Quantum holds 12 U.S. patents, has a further 18 U.S. patents pending and is MU2 certified, which is the highest level of certification globally.


Grace Century members can enjoy the following benefits from investing in Quantum:

  • The healthcare IT market is entering a “hyper-growth” phase, with 30% projected growth rates despite no leader having yet emerged in the sectorA Global Opportunity, however direct investment in Quantum covered for 5 years by company assets (13 Patents).
  • A Global Opportunity, however just in the  U.S. 75% of the Healthcare providers are looking for a new platform that is a TRUE cloud-based, SAAS (vs software), top certified( as Quantum(MU2),and onre that actually speaks to other platforms as does PWeR™
  • Telemedicine portal soon to enabled
  • Patient Portal
  • Voice recognition capabilities
  • Already a HealthCare conglomerate with Publically traded firms under its umbrella
  • Projected exponential capital growth with pre-IPO and post-revenue status

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