Quantum’s Portfolio company adds its telemedicine module to the PWeR platform

Quantum’s Portfolio company adds its telemedicine module to the PWeR platform

Greenacres, Florida, USA (October 26, 2020) – OXIO Health, Inc.®

(“OXIO”) announces today that its Portfolio Company, PWeR, Inc.®, has completed final Alpha testing of its’ new telemedicine module. PWeR® is a patented (patent pending), award winning, patient-centered Electronic Health Record (EHR). This new feature has been introduced to live testing and has received excellent reviews. PWeR will be undergoing further enhancement and upgrade during preparation for recertification in 2021.

Noel J. Guillama, President of OXIO commented, “COVID-19 has crystalized the demand for Remote Patient Care. This demand has brought to the forefront the unique strengths of our patient centered EHR platform that now includes real time patient scheduling and on-demand HIPAA-compliant patient Telemed Portal. Further, we expect to bring an entire new suite of remote care connected off-the-shelf devices in 2021 featuring additional patient’s ( patent issued on data integration) vital sign and key health metrics, AI, predictive medicine, and more robust clinical telemetry tools that will automatically update patient information and will dramatically improve the wellness and clinical patient data, allowing providers of care to obtain actionable real time information directly from the patient.”

The Company noted that telemedicine provided a “high-value” to millions of Americans that needed medical care, and an encounter with their physician; but were required to remain sheltered at home during a national lock-down and reduce their exposure to COVID-19. Media reports have noted up to an 8,000% increase in telemedicine use at the peak shutdown of the U.S. economy in April and May, and the use continues to be 4 to 5 times pre-COVID levels. OXIO believes the biggest value to telemedicine, for both provider and patient, is when telemedicine is integrated with the EHR used by the current providers of care to the patient. This avoids fragmentation of data and treatment inconsistency for the patient; particularly if the patients’ normal care provider is not on the telemedicine encounter, as has been the case for millions of Americans. OXIO’s new module does this.

Mr. Guillama added, “We have been witnessing the growth in telemedicine since the 1990s however, nothing prepared us for the COVID-19 pandemic. Going forward, we believe telemedicine will be another permanent resource enhancement for providers; expanding what has been the tried and true traditional “telephone call”. This enhanced means of communication, supported by high-speed internet, will allow the patients primary care provider to use another tool to improve quality service, reduce cost, provide real- time care, and in many cases; avoid higher escalation of the patient condition by delaying intervention in what could be a critical medical episode. This is a Win-Win! Along with our other on-going innovations in our portfolio, including our new care delivery system and 21st century medical office, 2021 will be a historic year for OXIO as patient care, health, and wellness come even closer together and take center stage in an industry merging new delivery systems and technology.”

About PWeR®

OXIO Health sponsored the development and deployment of PWeR®, a cutting-edge, patented and patent-pending healthcare technology platform that has been designed to bridge the gaps of communication and exchange patient information throughout the healthcare delivery on a real time basis. PWeR is capable of integrating the functions a physician/provider, clinician and related professionals utilize in one patient-centric, web-based platform. We are positioned to be a catalyst for change as we take aim at the $700 billion inefficiency gap in the United States healthcare industry.

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About OXIO Health®, Inc.

OXIO Health, Inc. is a new, multifaceted healthcare innovations company that realized medical care and medical technology had to be merged in a new, 21st century platform, to bring more value and improve quality; much of which still remains elusive in healthcare today. Healthcare in the U.S today is a US$3.5 trillion industry with expectation to reach over US$6 trillion by 2030, as 10,000 new baby boomers reach retirement age daily through this period. We have assembled the best systems in our Portfolio of Companies driven to be a change agent in this industry that has resisted change for 50 years; however, due to the lessons-learned from the COVID-19 pandemic patients, provider and payors are now receptive of these needed changes in the delivery of care.

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