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Grace Century’s projects have been carefully selected through our subject-matter expertise of the healthcare, medical and technology, industries; coupled with meticulous due diligence.


Grace Century has extensive, multi-functional experience of business consulting at a global level.

Our areas of expertise range from corporate structuring, capital resourcing, C-level advisory services, Mergers & Acquisitions, international growth strategies, full turnkey marketing solutions and global rollout services.

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Scott Wolf is the Founder, President and Director of Research for Grace Century.

His vast global experience over a career spanning 30 years in business, having lived and worked in several continents has enabled the development of an unrivalled network of worldwide, high-calibre contacts from an array of business, commercial, academic and research sectors.

Scott and Grace Century are uniquely positioned to help businesses and investors alike fully develop their goals and objectives, and turn their respective ventures in true success stories.

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