OXIOHealth, Inc. Launches New Podcast

OXIOHealth, Inc. Launches New Podcast

West Palm Beach, October 24, 2019 – OXIOHealth, Inc., a partner company of PWeR, Inc., has launched a new podcast, Healthcare 2030 (https://oxiohealth.io/podcasts/).  This program features conversations and interviews with respected healthcare industry experts discussing the latest healthcare topics regarding current issues today and the future of healthcare, innovation and technology.

In the first episode, host Noel J. Guillama and his co-host, Carl Larsen discuss many topics ranging from the size of the healthcare industry in the U.S. today, to the top fortune 500 healthcare companies, as well as the future direction of healthcare.

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To listen to the podcast, please visit our site: https://oxiohealth.io/podcasts/.

About OXIOHealth, Inc.

“OXIO” is symbolic of “OX” or “MANKIND” and “IO” of “TECHNOLOGY” blended together to provide the humanity and the technology approach to solving the growing healthcare crisis. Neither element alone, mankind nor technology, is sufficient or even able, to solve the healthcare equation – together they bring knowledge and skills to bring the cost of healthcare delivery under control. “OXIOHealth” acknowledges this synergistic relationship and establishes the bond between MANKIND – TECHNOLOGY – HEALTHCARE.

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