Quantum Group announces the awarded 19th and 20th Patents

Quantum Group announces the awarded 19th and 20th Patents

Grace Century’s Portfolio Company, the Quantum Group, announces the awarded 19th and 20th Patent to its “technology- infused” healthcare cache.

From its inception, Quantum, and its Founder Noel Guillama, have believed that the U.S healthcare system was broken, and that technology was the answer. Guillama has consistently noted that  “virtually every industry on the planet has embraced technology to improve its function and efficiency except for healthcare.” With its chest of Patents, Quantum has proven that its vision precedes all, and that momentum is unstoppable.

Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century comments on Guillama and Quantum: “Noel believes that most participants within the industry do not see the whole picture. He believes that each part, whether it be an Electronic Medical record platform, a telemedicine platform, or the newly integrated network of IoT are synonymous with parts of a car. Individually they are not as valuable as when they all work together. In short, within an ecosystem, he believes provides the best healthcare, at the lowest cost, with the best patient outcomes”. Wolf adds “Noel has coined the phrase ‘technology-infused healthcare’ to describe the ecosystem that his firm has created with its 5-incubated entities, backed by its IP portfolio.”

Ironically, all of the 20 awarded Patents have wide applications in other industries, including Fintech, military, travel, and entertainment.

In brief, the 19th Patent

The 19th Patent is in Personal Augmented Reality (PAR). Quite simply Personal Augmented Reality optionally allows the smartphone Augmented Reality function to be localized, and to become independent of the Internet and search engines. It can be a singular stand-alone function, or act as an extension of an existing search-engine-based application. A business can create a virtual sign on its own, without having to pay for the right to be listed by a search engine. The sign is detected by physical location, rather than Internet address.

“Personal Augmented Reality” has a diverse field of application with implementations in the healthcare area of business, marketing, advertising, smartphone gaming, as well as specific military and homeland security utilizations. Originally, it was intended to function as a platform for patient instrumentation, identification and monitoring within remote Internet-connected homes (SMART Homes) and healthcare facilities. Working in concert with two dozen other granted and pending intellectual properties of Quantum, this patent continues an initiative for Omniscient Residential Healthcare TM, where distance medicine efficiently serves America’s senior population. ORH thereby enhances Quantum’s investment in a cloud based PWeR ® electronic healthcare records system.

Quantum is convinced that the future of aging healthcare is in Remote -Care.

Quantum’s 20th Patent

It is called “Cloaking and Watermark of Non-Coded Information”

This new patent enables the means to indelibly identify the origin of medical records that have been generated from analog measurements. It even works when only a portion of the analog file is digitized, or is translated to another image format, or even if the analog file is reconstituted and then re-encoded digitally. It is indelible, and yet invisible to human eye. This is invaluable when you will have many people having access to items like electronic medical records (and blockchain) that need to be protected and whose integrity cannot be compromised.