Grace Century partners only with truly game-change projects at the start-up or early-growth phases. Find out more about us by viewing our company video.


Join our exclusive group of angel investors and get early-stage access to the most innovative projects in fields of healthcare and biotechnology.

Our mission is simple – to build a portfolio of early-growth stage biotechnology and healthcare projects which have the potential to truly disrupt their industry sectors; and to give preferential portfolio investment access and support to our group of members.

Grace Century FZ LLC is an international private equity and research consultancy, located just north of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Our network has been cultivated over a period of almost 30 years, and we now boast a global professional network with unrivalled knowledge, experience and diversity – ranging from the business and commercial world and including strategic hedge fund alliances, venture capital firms, entrepreneurs and marketers, through to academic fields of expertise such as universities, scientific research centres, medical practitioners and learning institutions.

The strength of Grace Century’s network, coupled with the deep experience of our in-house team, has enabled the creation of a portfolio which represents the most innovative, disruptive and high-potential projects in the fields of biotechnology and healthcare today.

Our member base consists of international angel investors and venture capitalists, and the cutting-edge private equity portfolios we identify and bring to our members represent high-return, low-risk opportunities for positive return on investment.

If you have a start-up project that has the vision to revolutionize a market sector, or are a potential investor seeking ground-floor access to opportunities with the potential to rise to the very top of their industry, we would like to hear from you.

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