FAQ and Disclosure

Is Grace Century a broker?

No, Grace Century FZ LLC is a fully licensed Business Research and Private Equity Consultant by the RAK Investment Authority. It is not a FINRA entity.

How long has Grace Century been in business?

The firm was established in 2010

What exactly does Grace Century do?

Grace Century offers a wide variety of services for both its project companies and its Members, including:

  • Structure assistance (LLC vs. Corporation);
  • Consulting on all aspects of global marketing and expansion;
  • Access to Grace Century’s global network and off-shore presence;
  • Due-diligence for Members (both initial and ongoing);
  • Access to capital from both our group and network;
  • Outside Investor relations and “on the ground” international assistance;
  • Assist start-up’s drive to profitability via active business consulting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions consulting.

As a Member of our group, access is given to highly vetted projects, which are a result of screening hundreds of opportunities brought each year to our firm. We directly participate with our Members on all projects accepted, and continue our oversight throughout the life cycle until exit.

What does it cost to become a Member?

There is no cost to become a Member, just the desire and approval to receive information and developments of projects as they develop and mature.

How does Grace Century make money?

No fees are ever paid by Members. Grace Century negotiates a fee directly with the chosen firm to be accepted, based on performance, and commensurate with the risk inherent in new firms. This fee is meant to cover the scope of services offered to the project company by Grace Century. The fee includes equity in the project company for Grace Century and there are also set parameters, so fees cannot vary greatly. In addition, Grace Century only takes on projects for which it is willing to put its own capital at risk, and as a result, makes considerable investments of its own capital in its project companies.

Has there ever been any type of legal or disciplinary action taken against Grace Century?

No. None whatsoever.

Has there been legal or disciplinary action taken against any of Grace Century’s principals in the last 10 years?

Yes. Scott Wolf, President of Grace Century, entered into a 2012/SEC settlement regarding an administrative proceeding, without admitting or denying the findings, and was disgorged the revenue derived from a 2008 project (before Grace Century was established); this was a result of not properly submitting registration with the Commission. The amount was $371,484(USD).

Note: All of Grace Century’s project companies are currently operating and growing revenues.