Grace Century’s projects have been carefully selected through our subject-matter expertise of the healthcare, medical and technology, industries; coupled with meticulous due diligence. We identify the most innovative projects that have the potential to be game-changing disruptors within their fields and offer investors early-stage, high return-on-investment opportunities.

Grace Century’s search for such projects is continuous, and while relatively few projects reach our stringent criteria, we are always interested in projects that fit one or more of the following parameters:

  • Projects based on a new technology which is meeting a need that has not been met before.
  • Projects based on refining a technology or process that dramatically improves fulfilment of an existing need.
  • Projects that are both first-to-market and capable of reaching critical mass quickly.
  • Projects that are able to reach profitability with $5,000,000-$20,000,000 in funding within two years.
  • Projects that have a strong management team that are also open to accepting Grace Century’s advice and assistance.

Currently, Grace Century is engaged with major projects in the fields of Dental Stem Cells, Consumer Healthcare Platforms, Healthcare Innovations in Wearable Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IOT).

The preservation and storage of dental stem cells for future therapeutic use is one of the most progressive areas of medicine today.


The consumer renaissance in price transparency and choice has positively affected every industry BUT healthcare. Grace Century’s projects change this today.


The healthcare industry is moving towards the universal use of digital technology to record and update patient information for improved patient outcomes.


If you have a project that you think meets the above criteria and could benefit from the expertise, network and services of Grace Century, we would love to hear from you – please GET IN TOUCH using the contact form below.