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Yahoo! Finance reports on MediXall appointment of eLuminate

Yahoo-NewsYahoo! Finance News has reported the engagement of marketing services agency eLuminate by MediXall.

MediXall, who are the medical network arm of Grace Century Electronic Medical Records (EMR) portfolio partner Quantum, have engaged eLuminate to assist with their branding and campaign planning across social media and other digital channels, targeting the South Florida region.

Carl Larsen, EVP and Chief Operating Officer of MediXall, commented, “A key element of our successful launch will be securing a critical mass of both providers and consumers to the platform. We are confident that the talented team from eLuminate Marketing will guide us in reaching our goals of at least 1,000 providers and 100,000 consumers to the platform within two months following official launch. eLuminate is also working closely with the MediXaid development team to ensure brand consistency and the highest quality of User Interface and User Experience — absolutely key elements to our success.”

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MediXall files its annual 10-K report

intro-imageMediXall, the medical services member network for the of Grace Century Electronic Medical Records (EMR) project partner Quantum,  have just filed their 10-K report. Highlights include:

  • The creation of the MediXaid Platform (the “MediXaid Platform”), which has developed a region by region medical services and products e-Marketplace to allow purchasers of products and services to solicit bids from vendors based on location, quality, customer satisfaction results and best value.
  • Detail on the uniqueness of MediXall’s offering with regarding to offering the full range of medical equipment, medical devices, products and services credentialed in accordance with healthcare industry standards,and how their approach is a game-changer in comparison to the alternatives currently available in the market.

Read the full report filing here.

Electronic Medical Records System Salama To Be Launched in Dubai This Year

equipo-medico-1-1421300As recently reported by Arabian Business, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced that Salama, its electronic medical record system, will officially be launched this year  in three phases and aims to give patients access to their medical record through a patient portal, ensuring that the electronic patient medical record is available across the DHA health facilities.

So far 1.4 million DHA patient medical records and 112 million transactions have been transferred to the Salama system and 11,000 DHA staff will be trained on how to use the system in 2017, it added.

Humaid Al Qatami, chairman and director general of the DHA said that Salama will not only benefit patients by providing them with online access to their medical records but it will help improve patient outcomes by ensuring that the electronic patient file follows the patient across the DHA network of health facilities.

Grace Century CEO Scott Wolf commented, “Once again, Dubai is on the cutting edge of healthcare. Our project electronic medical records project, Quantum, also sees the patient portal as crucial.”

Read the full story by clicking here.

Grace Century Skeptical of Apple’s Acquisition of EHR Startup Company Gliipmse.

corporateFast Company reports that Apple has bought Gliipmse, a startup company that is focusing on the development of the comprehensive Electronic Health Records system which will be integrated directly into patients? smartphones.

Gliipmse states personalised and shareable health records across the nation as its company vision.

It is reported that the acquisition happened earlier this year. Nonetheless Gliimpse did not publish any official press releases on that matter, Apple has issued its usual ?non-denial? statement that said the following: ?We buy smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.?

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Medical Bills with Costly Errors: What to Do If You Were Billed Wrong?

bills with errorsRecent studies show that almost 4 out of 5 medical bills issued in the US have mistakes on them, according to NBCNews.com.Fixing these mistakes may result in a unpleasant and rather time-consuming procedure.

The Berg family from Florida seemed to have everything planned for their first baby, but unexpected complications at the hospital forced medics into conducting a c-section for baby delivery. Even bigger surprises followed when the hospital billed The Bergs for some extra services, some of which were even were not provided. Bills of over $20,000 kept coming by mail and Cindy Berg decided clarify the situation with help of Medical Recovery Services, a company specialized in assisting people in getting their medical bill mistakes fixed. Later on, after fixing the billing mistakes, The Bergs’ final billing amount was lowered to $1,700.

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Pioneering Ebola Care with Robust Electronic Medical Records

Pioneers Ebola Care with Robust Electronic Medical Records?Electronic Medical Records will be ground zero for the fight of future disease outbreaks, like Ebola,? says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. ?Data mining, as well as managing a patients wellness, is the cornerstone of any successful EMR platform.”

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The “NEW” Age Of Electronic Medical Records …still a very new industry

electronic-medical-records-507x300?Regarding this last week’s article in Forbes, by Peter Ubel (The Age of Electronic Medical Records Is Upon Us), I don?t believe 90% of what was quoted in this article,? says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “I don’t believe that the 37% meet all requirements! So that means if these numbers are correct, the 63% that don?t meet all requirements will be booted back! This is the difference between MU2 certification, like our Quantum Project is about to achieve, only a handful of platforms have this certification.”

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How industries are morphing and recreating through the EHR replacement industry

trashbinScott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, points to another example of how industries are morphing and recreating through the EHR (electronic health records) replacement industry. ?We aren?t even at a point to where 50% of the providers (doctors) are signed up per the mandatory deadline of December, 2014, and we are already seeing replacement criteria for doctors who aren?t happy with the flawed platform they just got on…as the old platforms are being binned!”

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Why Electronic Health Records need a design overhaul

Trends such as telemedicine and mobility?This article highlights what we have been saying all along,” Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, comments. “The existing EHR platforms are built on top of 1960?s ideas, and simply are not user-friendly. What good is an EHR platform if it creates more work, less useable data and increases costs instead of reducing??

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