Medical Bills with Costly Errors: What to Do If You Were Billed Wrong?

Medical Bills with Costly Errors: What to Do If You Were Billed Wrong?

Recent studies show that almost 4 out of 5 medical bills issued in the US have mistakes on them, according to these mistakes may result in a unpleasant and rather time-consuming procedure.

The Berg family from Florida seemed to have everything planned for their first baby, but unexpected complications at the hospital forced medics into conducting a c-section for baby delivery. Even bigger surprises followed when the hospital billed The Bergs for some extra services, some of which were even were not provided. Bills of over $20,000 kept coming by mail and Cindy Berg decided clarify the situation with help of Medical Recovery Services, a company specialized in assisting people in getting their medical bill mistakes fixed. Later on, after fixing the billing mistakes, The Bergs’ final billing amount was lowered to $1,700.

“You will be shocked and surprised how many errors we see on a daily basis,” according to Missy Conley of Medical Recovery Services. Latest data shows that almost 80% of medical bills contain errors and almost 50% of the employers nationwide provide medical bills advocates as a free benefit.

Scott Wolf, CEO and Founder of Grace Century commented the situation: “This is another example of the need for transparency and direct billing, with total connectivity of EMR cloud based, real- time platforms will be a blessing to the multi trillion-dollar billing aspect of healthcare.”

Grace Century project partner The Quantum Group is one of the leading providers of EMR services in the USA.

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