PWeR Inc. Joins the Palm Beach Technology Group

PWeR Inc. Joins the Palm Beach Technology Group

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.04.48 AMThe Quantum Group have announced that PWeR, Inc. (Personal Wellness electronic Records) have joined The Palm Beach Technology Association, or ?Palm Beach Tech? (PBT).

PBT is a non-profit membership association uniting, building, and enhancing the creativity of innovators and entrepreneurs in Palm Beach County. They are involved in software development, mechanical & electrical engineering, as well as technology industries throughout Palm Beach County. As a countywide trade association, Palm Beach Tech promotes industry growth by working with business groups, educational institutions, and government entities to support the goals of member companies. The core focus is to produce positive long-term economic impact and growth by attracting new business, supporting startups, and building the talent pool.

PBT offers a scope of services that meets the needs of a wide range of industry professionals, from corporate CEO?s to freelance developers; their belief is in fostering the industry through a unified and holistic approach.

Noel J. Guillama, President of PWeR, Inc. noted, ?We are huge believers in how technology can change lives, and be transformational in healthcare applications. We also believe in the power of collaboration and economic development. Additionally, we believe that being part of the technology ecosystem that also connects us to others in this space, will enable us to benefit and be benefitted by the innovation and talent both here, and in our local institutions of higher learning.?

Joe Russo, Executive Director of Palm Beach Tech commented, ?The Palm Beach Technology Association is proud to welcome PWeR as a new member and recognize them as one of our technology industry?s quickly emerging leaders, driven by patented innovation and state of the art health information systems. They?re proof that the Palm Beaches is becoming a technology hub.?