Provia Labs / Store-a-tooth hold’s its First “Family Appreciation Day”

Provia Labs / Store-a-tooth hold’s its First “Family Appreciation Day”

Provia Labs FAD 1Provia labs held a special events day, inviting select customers, employees, as well as their families to a fun filled luncheon. Showcasing different segments of Store-a-tooth’s client base, the day was captured by a film crew and included interviews with different families.

Included was a family who had an adopted daughter, so they never had the ability to bank cord blood. Another family had a child with Type 1 Diabetes, who hadn’t banked cord blood and explained why they now regret it. They see Provia as a second chance.

A third family was a dad with his college age son studying Microbiology. The son told the parents about stem cell banking when he was having his wisdom teeth out, and now they are the strongest advocates.

Prior to the event, CEO Howard Greenman instructed employees to group into teams, “Apprentice Style” , and pick a project manager, name the team, and develop an activity for the luncheon – winning team gets a prize.

  1. Team “Pulp Fiction” created a dental/stem cell jeopardy game
  2. Team “Dr. D-Ciduous” created a photo booth for people to take pics (with lab props)
  3. Team “Lab Olympics” created a contest/tournament to race to fill pipette tips into a rack


Provia Labs FAD 2 Provia Labs FAD 3 Provia Labs FAD 4

In Honour of the day, Dr. Peter Verlander’s son (unplanned) lost a tooth!

Provia Labs FAD 5