Provia begins acquisitions with Vault Biobank

Provia begins acquisitions with Vault Biobank

Stem CellsGrace Century dental stem cell storage project partner Provia Laboratories LLC has begun it’s acquisition push by acquiring Vault Biobank’s dental stem cell business’ client agreements and distribution agreements. Provia will now handle storage services for Vault’s current clients, along with supplying it’s own dental stem storage product “Store-A-Tooth” to future clients acquired via Vault’s distribution channels.

Adam Houtman, Chief Executive Officer of the Vault explains, “When selecting a firm to entrust our client’s valuable samples, we chose Provia precisely because of their investment into quality, the strength of their team, and specifically the investment they’ve made into their cGMP facility. We feel confident that our client’s samples will be in the best possible hands.”

Provia offers the only cGMP dental stem cell banking solution for consumers and operates under the FDA’s current good manufacturing practice (“cGMP”) guidelines for processing human cell and tissue products.

Howard Greenman, Provia CEO, said “We are so pleased to accept the Vault’s client’s into the Provia Biobank and to continue to work with the dental office partners that the Vault has setup to inform patients of this important technology. Provia is committed to making dental stem cell banking available to families all over the world and doing so with the best technology, under the highest quality and regulatory scrutiny. As the market for dental stem cell banking continues to develop, we continue to focus on offering the best service and working with partners to do so”.

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