The Future of Medicine is Here Now

The Future of Medicine is Here Now


Did you know that doctors can now diagnose patients who aren’t in the same room — or even in the same city? In 2015 alone, about 20 million people received some form of remote care known as “telemedicine”.

The Miami Children’s Hospital became one of the first medical institutions in Florida to implement the full-cycle telemedicine control center. It is operated 24/7 by a team of qualified medical specialists that are able to diagnose and consult the patients on a remote basis.


The patient is able to see the doctor through a system of high definition cameras and scanners that are installed in the specialized private booth, that may be installed literally everywhere: whether it is a workplace or a small local medical institution branch. A qualified nurse assists the patient and doctor to communicate via the telemedicine system.

The upshot of these exciting developments is that now it doesn’t really matter if the doctor and patient are not able to be in the same room – telemedicine technology such as the system utilized in Florida is changing the healthcare industry, bringing what we only ever imagined to be feasible long into the future to fruition today.