Dental stem cell storage benefits featured on video article

Dental stem cell storage benefits featured on video article

A recent video article on Kron 4 News once again highlights the news that many in the medical and healthcare world seem to be talking about…..stem cells.

The video in question, presented by Kron 4 News’ Gabe Slate, examines what parents who did not bank cord blood at birth to harvest stem cells can do now, and there is one clear option –  the harvesting of dental stem cells from baby teeth.

The video looks at the banking of dental stem cells – how it works and the potential of such bio-banking techniques have to contribute to life-saving treatments for a number of conditions later in life.

Grace Century project partner Provia produces Store-A-Tooth, a dedicated dental stem cell bio-banking system specially designed to store the stems cells from babyteeth.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, said “Store-A-Tooth offers hope to families who didn’t store the core blood of their children at birth. The increasing body of medical evidence which supports the therapeutic use of stem cells means that storing them is more important than ever before, and Store-A-Tooth increases the valuable bio-storage window from a short period at birth to the entire life of a child whilst they still have babyteeth.”

 See the video on Kron 4 News here.