Should You “Bank” Your Teeth? Medics Say “Yes!”

Should You “Bank” Your Teeth? Medics Say “Yes!”

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.45.15 PMOnce again we see the news media covering the recent scientific findings on stem cells and the significant progress made in recent years to give hope to finding cures for a wide scope of diseases and regrowth of tissues or bones.A recent video news feature on looks at the new methodologies of stem cells harvesting and in particular the use of babyteeth teeth as a source, with the article featuring Grace Century project partner Provia Labs and their dental stem cell storage product Store-A-Tooth as a perfect example of how the possibilities afforded by dental stems can become a clinical reality in the the future.

Patient can request the stem cells extraction from the removed teeth, with collected samples then being frozen and stored for possible use in years to come.

Mesa resident Rochelle Fillipone is an advocate and active user of the technology, saying that potential bone problems in future may be treated with the help of stem cells from stored and frozen teeth.

Rochelle had to get one of her teeth removed and Rochelle was alerted to the possibility by Dr. Brinks Austin of Maxillofacial in Mesa during a routine visit to have some teeth extracted, who explained to Rochelle that the ability to potentially re-grow bones is based on the recent stem cells research findings. Rochelle is now planning to save her grandchildren?s babyteeth in the hope that the stem cells can be used in the future to protect their health against a range of different illnesses.

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