Google and AMA team up to incentivise healthcare technology innovations

Google and AMA team up to incentivise healthcare technology innovations

The American Medical Association has partnered with Google to incentivise start-ups to develop “best new ideas for fostering data sharing from health monitoring devices”, according to a recent article on CNBC.

In developing the scheme, Google and it’s parent company Alphabet are following the trend shown in recent times by other technology giants such as Amazon and Apple in developing technology and / or data-driven market entry projects for the $3 trillion healthcare market.

In a statement, it was communicated that “The winning entries will demonstrate how the applicant uses patient-generated health data in meaningful ways to have maximum impact on improving physician workflow, improving clinical outcomes, and reducing cost in the health-care system,”

Such news has positive implications for Grace Century project partner Quantum, who is ideally positioned for the interconnectivity of all aspects of healthcare, almost like a living organism. In an April update (to be distributed exclusively to Grace Century members imminently), two new companies are being created under the umbrella, all with the idea of the Hub and spoke to PWeR main platform. This includes myPWeR, a consumer based version of PWeR, to take advantage of wearable devices, and its data collection fed back into the PWeR platform. It is also agnostic and can work with ANY platform the consumer desires. This is unprecedented and revolutionary. The second is the monetization of  the Wellness index Qx2/Qx3, which is similar to a FICO credit score in the US or Credit score in UK. All of these are interconnected, like a hub and spoke, when they are added to MDXL and Blue Box.

“The big companies not in Healthcare want in, especially when it comes to Data mining.” Comments Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century.

Read the article on CNBC here.