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The Quantum Group Receives 13th Patent

BN-GZ066_EdpCha_P_20150216111110The Quantum Group, Inc. (QGP) is pleased to report that in the last month of 2016 it has added yet another success in the Company’s path towards helping redefine healthcare, with the issuance of its 13th patent.

This 13th patent was permanently recorded on December 27, 2016, as United States Patent #9,532,295. The patent, originally filed on August 23, 2013, bears the title “Predictive path communication protocol across a network of transiently connected mobile devices”.

One of the great benefits of PWeR is that it can collect and assemble all of an individual’s medical information from any point on the planet, and then store that data centrally, securely in one place, or online. Similarly, PWeR can then use the Internet to project it to any point on earth, on demand, as required, and in a secure manner. PWeR is capable of this, but in some places, communication of such large amounts of data is impractical and/or expensive. Predictive Path Protocol is a communication technique designed to resolve that limitation, inexpensively, at any remote point.

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MediXall Appoints Dr. Pedro A. Sanchez, D.O., to be its First Medical Director


MediXall Group, Inc. ( OTCQB : MDXL ) is pleased to announce the appointment of its first Medical Director, Dr. Pedro A. Sanchez, D.O. Dr. Sanchez is a graduate of Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and served his residency at Wellington Regional Medical Center in Wellington, Florida. Dr. Sanchez is Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, and has been a successful family practice physician for over 25 years.

Carl L. Larsen, President of MediXall Group, Inc. commented, “We are extremely pleased to have Dr. Sanchez join our team officially. We anticipate that Dr. Sanchez will have a very positive impact on our operation from providing Subject Matter Expertise to assisting in the analysis and review of future acquisitions. Dr. Sanchez’ broad grasp of so many facets of the medical and healthcare industry, including his deep clinical and practice management experience, will greatly benefit the development and deployment of the key portfolio companies that we are building and looking to acquire.”

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Grace Century Increases Market Presence in Singapore

Grace Century CEO Scott Wolf presenting to partners in SingaporeGrace Century has successfully boosted its presence in Asia’s early-growth private equity market after being invited to a series of meetings and seminars. Scott Wolf, Grace Century’s CEO and Director of Research, represented the company in Singapore May 28 through June 3, 2015.

A growing demand for U.S. Dollar denominated projects, plus a strong appetite for health and regenerative medicine themed investments by Asian investors, were key factors which prompted the invite from Grace Century’s Singaporean colleagues. Grace Century sought to capitalize on its expertise, in what is an increasingly attractive sector for early growth investment projects. Weakness in Singaporean real estate has added fuel for investors to diversify.

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Electronic Health Records Secrets–the genie is out of the bottle

genie According to Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research of Grace Century, the general consensus from our (Grace Century) group, relating to this recent

Forbes article (see below) on the electronic health record, is that it is 100% correct.

“This is an amazing industry that can and will save millions of lives, but at the end of the day it’s all about money. The bigger companies have found a golden goose. The big and small companies are holding data hostage, and the reality is that the industry will pay for that data over and over!” says Wolf. “The big players have a vested interest in preventing interoperability, because it will shift advantage to real innovators verse legacy. The industry is still controlled by legacy, because they have capital and can deploy 100 people to turn on a major system. Most of the cost of legacy is the cost of the consultants, and NOT the software. Scary stuff, but no one can control change– especially when it can benefit and save lives. The genie is definitely out of the bottle!?
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“Back to the Future” – an appropriate title for telemedicine

Back to the Future? would be the appropriate title for telemedicine?If you think about it, ‘Back to the Future’ would be the appropriate title for telemedicine,? says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “Just like the old days, when a doctor made house calls at a fraction of the cost. This is why our portfolio project, the PWeR platform, with The Quantum Group has made this as part of their full turnkey EMR solution.”

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Feds ease up on the meaningful use electronic health records (EHR) program

Medicine in the Digital Age?This article (below) demonstrates what happens when government tries to force down someone?s proverbial throat,? says Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research for Grace Century. “Change is hard for any industry, especially the size and importance of the U.S. healthcare industry, but when there are products on the market which are not true solutions, there has got to be pushback in even the best of cases!?

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Google Glass and other technologies will continue to enhance healthcare services

telemedicine?The world is travelling faster than ever before,” comments Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “As we read in the article below, the applications are endless for the convergence of technology and information systems with regard to healthcare.”

“Even this week, the outbreak of influenza in the U.S. has doctors seeing patients over Skype, versus risking infecting more people by having them come to the office,? says Wolf, ?…it?s the modern-day house call.”

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How industries are morphing and recreating through the EHR replacement industry

trashbinScott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, points to another example of how industries are morphing and recreating through the EHR (electronic health records) replacement industry. ?We aren?t even at a point to where 50% of the providers (doctors) are signed up per the mandatory deadline of December, 2014, and we are already seeing replacement criteria for doctors who aren?t happy with the flawed platform they just got on…as the old platforms are being binned!”

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Why Electronic Health Records need a design overhaul

Trends such as telemedicine and mobility?This article highlights what we have been saying all along,” Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, comments. “The existing EHR platforms are built on top of 1960?s ideas, and simply are not user-friendly. What good is an EHR platform if it creates more work, less useable data and increases costs instead of reducing??

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Doctors vs. Electronic Health Records

Doctors vs. Electronic Health Records “The EHRs in the market place are not built around the problems in healthcare, but by code writers and around a set of government standards, that does not make the system any smarter,? says Scott Wolf CEO of Grace Century. “Our project, the Quantum Group, their platform solves the problems and is extremely user friendly. We feel it was written by doctors for doctors, and is poised to blow everyone away.?

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