“Back to the Future” – an appropriate title for telemedicine

“Back to the Future” – an appropriate title for telemedicine

If you think about it, ‘Back to the Future’ would be the appropriate title for telemedicine,? says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “Just like the old days, when a doctor made house calls at a fraction of the cost. This is why our portfolio project, the PWeR platform, with The Quantum Group has made this as part of their full turnkey EMR solution.”

Survey Finds Strong Patient Interest in Using Telemedicine Services

Three-quarters of patients who have never used telemedicine said they were interested in trying such services in place of an in-person medical visit, according to a survey by Software Advice, Healthcare Informatics reports (Leventhal, Healthcare Informatics, 1/28).

Details of Survey

The survey drew responses from 519 individuals over the course of two days, according toFierceHealthIT. Of the 519 respondents, 138 had used telemedicine while 381 had not (Hall,FierceHealthIT, 1/28).

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