Why storing stem cells is more important than ever – Susie’s story.

Why storing stem cells is more important than ever – Susie’s story.

A video report on NBC News Nightly relates the heart-warming story of Susie Rabaca, who has recently found a “perfect” match for the bone marrow transplant she requires to treat an aggressive form of leukaemia she is suffering from.

Susie is a mother of three kids, and is also pregnant with twins – however her leukaemia diagnosis occurred during her pregnancy and led her on a search to find a suitable donor for the bone marrow transplant she needed to save her life. Due to her mixed Latino / Caucasian heritage, finding a suitable donor from the many millions of registered potential bone marrow donors proved elusive, however a video campaign led by Susie’s young daughter generated the awareness required to gain a further 50,000 offers of donorship – and one of these proved to be the perfect match she required.

Susie now plans to have the life-saving bone marrow transplant after the brith of her twins, and her story will most likely have a happy ending. However, Susie’s case also highlights the opportunity that now exists by storing stem cells from baby teeth dental pulp. Using Provia’s revolutionary “Store-A-Tooth” dental stem cell storage system, parents can now safely store the dental stems cell from their children’s baby teeth, for future use in treatments for illness exactly like Susie’s, without the requirement for a transplant.

Grace Century President and Director of Research commented “If you ever needed a reason to store your own stem cells, specifically Cord Blood or your kids baby teeth…here it is. It is when we hear stories like this that we are reminded exactly why we chose Provia Labs’ Store-a-tooth, who store not only Cord Blood with their “Provia Cord™” but baby teeth’s stem cells with Store-a-tooth”.

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