Stem cells the key to positive results in Crohn’s disease trial

Stem cells the key to positive results in Crohn’s disease trial

A potential new treatment for sufferers of Crohn’s disease, based on stem cell transplants, has emerged from a trial based in New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, as reported in CBS New York.

Crohn’s disease is a painful and debilitating condition which produces inflammation in the bowel and affects about 3 people in every 1000 in North America.

Dr Louis Cohen of Mount Sinai Hospital is leading the trial, which stimulates the patient’s bone marrow to produce excess stem cells, which after being collected and stored are re-infused back into the patient.

Dr Cohen reported that the treatment was also effective for patients suffering from both cancer and Crohn’s disease, with the re-infusions of stem cells taking place post-chemotherapy when the patient’s immune system is compromised.

He commented “(The treatment) puts patients into remission and helps maintain them in remission. We’ve seen a complete healing of the bowel. They are able to get their life back, and that’s really the biggest thing for us.”

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf said “This trial is good news for sufferers of Crohn’s disease, however harvesting stem cells from one’s younger self – using groundbreaking technology such as Provia’s Store-A-Tooth – is more likely to produce better results for stem cell therapies than re-generating stem cells from adult bone marrow”.

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