Stem cells potential is infinite, according to esteemed University of Buffalo Professor

Stem cells potential is infinite, according to esteemed University of Buffalo Professor

The potential of stem cells for multiple future therapeutic uses is almost unlimited, according to Natesh Parashurama, MD, PhD, and Assistant Professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University at Buffalo, as reported in the Buffalo University News Center.

Professor Parashurama’s research concentrates on using stem cell technology to produce functional organs, such as the pancreas and liver. The stem cells he uses are harvested from the endoderm, a layer present in the embryo, which contributes to the forming of many different tissue types. His work has included formation of 3D organs from the endoderm layer, and demonstrating how such stem cells could have a reversal effect on liver disease.

Quoting from the article, Professor Parashurama said, “The potential is infinite with stem cells. It’s regenerative medicine. Nearly all chronic disease in medicine could be addressed by stem cells. They will change medicine forever.”

Grace Century CEO and Director of Research Scott Wolf commented, “Professor Parashurma’s work indicates that stem cell science will ultimately go mainstream, which is exactly what we thought several years ago when we got involved with Provia labs and their proprietary Store-a-tooth service, which is Bio-bank for stem cells coming from children’s baby teeth. Storing and then using autologous cells (cells from yourself), especially from your young healthy self, is the best tool I could imagine for future possible illnesses”.

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