Stem cell injections reduce healing time for diabetic skin sores

Stem cell injections reduce healing time for diabetic skin sores

Stem cell injections have been demonstrated to speed up the healing of skin sores in those suffering from diabetes, according a recent report on

A research project, led by the NYU School of Medicine, tested the effect of injecting stem cells on a signaling pathway called Nrf2 / Keap1, which is essential to cell repair however is interrupted in diabetic patients. The results of the trials demonstrated a 50% increase in the rapidity of healing of skin sores in a group of mice.

Skin sores are a common and problematic complication of Diabetes, triggered by changes in biochemistry resulting from the inability of the body to break down sugar. Not only are such skin sores painful and prone to infection, they are also less likely to heal in diabetic patients compared to skin sores in non-diabetic patients. Often, the best available treatment is simply to keep the skin sores moist and covered, however this new research generates hope for diabetics, of which there are over 30 million in the United States alone.

The stem cells used in the research, harvested from bone marrow, are Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) which have multiple uses in regenerative medicine and have the potential to effectively act as “spare parts” when various boy tissues are damaged.

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