MediXall announces limited launch of healthcare platform

MediXall announces limited launch of healthcare platform

MediXall has announced a limited launch of a working version of its Healthcare Platform in December 2017.

As reported on Yahoo! Finance News, the launch targets South Florida as a test market, in preparation for a broader roll-out later in Q1. The broader roll-out is anticipated to have positive results based on the feedback from the limited launch.

Michael Swartz, VP of Operations, said, “Since inception we have been committed to delivering a solution that better connect consumers with high-quality healthcare providers and wellness services. We have spent the past year refining our consumer-centric platform, which enables our Provider Network to engage the Platform users with the level of price transparency and digital convenience that consumers have come to expect in every other aspect of their lives.”

Scott Wolf, President and Director for Grace Century, said “our portfolio partners’ Healthcare Platform has been tested robustly over the last 12 months across a wide range of service deliverers within the healthcare sector, and we believe the wider roll-out of the platform is the next step in what has been a very positive success story to date.”

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