MediXall – the “Amazon of healthcare”

MediXall – the “Amazon of healthcare”

Medixall is featured in the South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine, the article comparing it to online giants such as Amazon, Airbnb and Priceline and suggesting that MediXall could be to the healthcare industry what these prestigious brands are to the online shopping, vacation and travel industries respectively.

With MediXall’s platform enabling consumers to use their smartphones, tablets or computers to research and compare a wide range of healthcare service providers, it is primed to become the the brand of choice for savvy consumers to shop around, choose suitable services and and reduce their spend on healthcare whilst increasing the quality of the services they receive.

As MediXall continues to add diversified services and options to it’s platform, CEO Michael Swartz commented “Just as Amazon did with books, we decided to initially launch with diagnostic imaging”. That was rolled out in September, and will be followed by lab service companies and physical therapy networks which are currently being negotiated with potential partners.

In addition to providing services for healthcare consumers, MediXall provides customized solutions for healthcare providers via the MediXall Finance Group. Currently available solutions include patient financing and the securing of accounts receivable, both of which assist providers in being able to offer services via the platform and creating a win-win scenario for both healthcare consumers and providers.

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf comments “The digital revolution is happening before our eyes in healthcare. We believe MediXall is leading that charge with their innovative platform, empowering the consumer like never before”.

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