Google hires David Feinberg to head up healthcare strategy

Google hires David Feinberg to head up healthcare strategy

In a move which underlines Google’s focus on the healthcare sector, it has been announced that the tech giant has chosen David Feinberg, CEO of Geisinger Health, to lead its strategy into this marketplace, as recently reported by CNBC.

Feinburg, who in addition to his work at Geisinger Health had a 20+ year tenure at UCLA Health and is a qualified medical doctor, will be responsible for coordinating the various strands of Google’s health-based projects and initiatives, across its multiple business units.

The move comes at a time when the key global technology players –  including Amazon and Apple as well as Google – are heavily investing in the healthcare sector as the opportunities for greater use of technology with significant patient benefits in a market estimated to be worth $3 trillion annually become clearer and more varied at an increasingly faster pace.

The exact reporting line of Feinberg into the overall Google / Alphabet company infrastructure is unclear at present, and Google were unavailable for comment when contacted.

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf commented “The desire for firms outside of healthcare to use technology to enter the sector continues. This again reinforces to us that our portfolio firms are right in centre of a generational movement”.

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