Consumer healthcare spend sees increasing shifts towards digital platforms.

Consumer healthcare spend sees increasing shifts towards digital platforms.

Healthcare-related e-commerce sales and the number of consumers utilising devices and technology platforms to manage their healthcare needs is rapidly shifting this entire market sector towards digital, according to a recent report in Digital Commerce 360.

The article cites the Internet Health Management 2018 Healthcare E-Commerce report, which demonstrates that healthcare e-commerce sales are growing 8 times faster than traditional forms of healthcare-related sales.

In addition, the article relates an Accenture Consulting survey which indicates that 75% of consumers regard technology as important in managing their healthcare, 44% have used a portal to access their electronic medical records – two thirds of these doing so to check results of laboratory tests – and that the usage of wearable devices has increased by a factor of 4 between 2014 to 2017.

Such reports are positive news for Grace Century members, with portfolio partner Quantum Group positioned perfectly to take advantage of this shift towards a digital healthcare environment via their various technology innovation projects such as Blue Box, MDXL, PWbR and in particular MediXall

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf commented “Such reports in the media basically act as a compass showing potential investors where to invest their capital, and this report points squarely at our portfolio firm MediXall as an ideal opportunity to gain early-stage entry to a growing, disruptive market”.

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