Brain Cancer to be Cured With Stem Cells

Brain Cancer to be Cured With Stem Cells

Few major advances in treating aggressive brain cancer were made earlier this year, according to neurosurgeons from the University of North Carolina.

Assistant Professor Shawn Hingtgen of UNC’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy Lab has been researching new methodology of deadly brain tumours treatment and believes that a cure could originate from stem cells.

One of the most dangerous types of brain tumours – gliobastoma – leaves a high risk of cancer return even after its removal.

New treatment methods show very promising results, based on the use of skin-originated stem cells that are placed into a special material developed by North Carolina State University. The whole construction is then implanted into the brain after the tumor is removed.

Scientists say that early testing in an animal cohort shows positive results and if the same outcomes are observed in humans’ treatment, it would represent a major breakthrough in overall cancer treatment challenge.

Hingtgen said that during the first tests on mice his group managed to triple the survival rate and hopefully these effects will even be better in future.

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