Another healthcare provider migrates to “Cloud-Based” EHR

Another healthcare provider migrates to “Cloud-Based” EHR

South Carolina-based Coastal Orthopaedics has become the latest healthcare provider to move it’s legacy healthcare records to cloud-based electronic healthcare records (EHR), according to a recent article in Healthcare IT News.

This move mirrors those of other healthcare providers such as the University of California San Diego and UC Irvine Health to name a few, who have migrated their healthcare records to cloud-based EHRs.

Since migrating to cloud-based EHR, a number of significant KPI improvements has been reported by Coastal Orthopaedics, including a 66% same-day encounter close rate and large reduction of its days in accounts receivable. The company has also reported that cloud-based systems respond quickly to changes in regulatory programs, making scalable growth easier.

“Grace Century portfolio partner Quantum and it’s PWeR™ platform are smack in the sweet-spot for the transformation revolution”, comments Grace Century President Scott Wolf. “It involves the movement of all records to the cloud, even for the smallest healthcare providers, and add transparency and value. The result is a healthcare system concentrating on improved care and a reduced cost. This is exactly the space of Quantum, its cloud-based platform PWeR™, and portfolio companies of Medixall™ and Medxiaid™ are positioned”.

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