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Grace Century offffers its members unique, early-growth investment access to some of today’s most innovative projects in healthcare & biotechnology such as regenerative & personalized medicine, stem cell technology & biobanking, and cloud-based data solutions supporting electronic health record technology – pioneering new and more effective medical technology and shaping the future of healthcare tomorrow.

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  • Quantum has developed, PWeR 2.0 (Personal Wellness Record 2.0), a could-based, cutting edge EHR platform hosting medical records and permitting interactive use. Medical records follow the patient, giving every healthcare provider that sees a particular patient access to all the information needed to assist in their diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • PWeR 2.0 is at the cutting edge of EHR technology – a telemedicine portal with voice recognition functionality, compatible with all outside and competitive systems and one of the only EHR solutions where patients can access their own records.
  • Quantum holds 12 U.S. patents, has a further 18 U.S. patents pending and is MU2 certified, which is the highest level of certification globally.
  • Quantum is partnered with the MediXall™ Group, Inc. who have created the MediXaid partner networking platform which connects thousands of medical organizations and healthcare providers, enabling revolutionary communication within the healthcare sector and complimenting the rollout of PWeR 2.0 system.


Grace Century members can enjoy the following benefifits from investing in Quantum:

  • The healthcare IT market is entering a “hyper-growth” phase, with 30% projected growth rates despite no leader having yet emerged in the sector.
  • At least 50% of the potential EHR market is still untouched, with a very large section of the industry yet to convert to EHR’s despite a US government policy to migrate towards total EHR use.
  • Direct investment in Quantum covered for 5 years by company assets.
  • 7% effective annualized return on principle
  • Projected exponential capital growth with pre-IPO and post-revenue status.


  • Provia has developed “Store-A-Tooth” – a dental stem cell bio-banking product utilizing cryogenic technology which preserves dental stem cells from baby and wisdom teeth that would otherwise be discarded.
  • “Store-A-Tooth” is available to consumers and enables parents to collect their children’s baby teeth and be prepared for advance for stem cell therapies that someday may help treat many different conditions.
  • Provia’s CLIA-certifified, AABB-accredited laboratory has developed the Proviasette container, which enables efficient storage and tracking of collected biospecimens, and is the only US-based FDA and cGMP approved laboratory to culture stem cells from dental pulp.
  • Muscle, bone, cartilage, cardiovascular tissue and neural cells can all be grown from dental stem cells for future, innovative treatment of many diseases.


Grace Century members can enjoy the following benefits from investing in Provia:

  • Preferred equity price at $0.90 per unit.
  • 0.25% market share is estimated to have an earnings per share (EPS) value of $15-$17.
  • 4% annual interest on principle, paid in full along with principle preferential payment.
  • Investor retains equity for future dividend once fully repaid.
  • Full repayment expected within 24 months.