Stem Cells Successfully Used to Treat Heart Failure Patients

Stem Cells Successfully Used to Treat Heart Failure Patients

A medical research group from the University of Andes in Chile has conducted a clinical trial, the results of which indicate that heart damage can be repaired with stem cells, according to a report in UK and Ireland national newspaper The Sun.

The trial, which was conducted on 30 patients aged between 18 and 75 with existing complaints of heart failure, reported a statistically-signifcant improvement in heart health having received injections of stem cells.

The results of the study were published in the journal Circulation Research, and offer renewed hope to the many thousands of people in UK and Ireland who present with heart failure every year – especially those over 65, where heart failure represents the leading reason for hospital admissions.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, based just outside Dubai in the United Arab Emirates,  commented “Nothing is better than cells from your OWN body taken at a young age; a good example of this is dental stem cells which can be harvested from the pulp of children’s baby teeth and stored via store-a-tooth, the stem cell preservation system of our project partner Provia Labs.  Despite the fact that this trial did not use own-body stem cells, it still demonstrates the power that stem cells have on regenerative medicine.”

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