Stage 3 MU – a continuous bowl of spaghetti?

Stage 3 MU – a continuous bowl of spaghetti?

“It seems to me the whole industry is making it up as they go along,? says Scott Wolf, Director of Research and CEO of Grace Century. ?In an extremely complicated industry, it seems simple. The desired outcome is a secure universal exchange of information on patients records. Instead, what we are seeing is a bowl of see is a continuous bowl of spaghetti.?

My Hopes For Stage 3 MU

By Ken Congdon, editor-in-chief, Health IT Outcomes @KenOnHIT

The ONC must ensure the MU criteria related to interoperability isn?t too vague or broad.

Rumor has it that the proposed rule for Stage 3 of the Meaningful Use (MU) program could be released prior to the HIMSS conference in mid-April. The proposed rule was sent to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review in early January. While the OMB has its own timetable for review, speculation that the rule would be ready for public consumption by HIMSS escalated when a session titled ?CMS Meaningful Use Stage 3 Requirements? was recently added to the HIMSS15 agenda.

Regardless of timing, there are several things I?d like to see in Stage 3 MU when the rule is ultimately released. I?ve outlined a few of these wishes in the following paragraphs:

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