Proviasette addresses the shortcomings of the bio banking industry!

Proviasette addresses the shortcomings of the bio banking industry!

The solutions are out there!? exclaims Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. ?Our bio banking project is keenly aware of the shortcomings of the industry, including the management of specimens in the lab. This is why they developed Proviasette.?

Better Biobanking

The laboratory branch must overcome both mundane and complex obstacles

By Rebecca Mayer Knutsen April 20, 2015

The biobanking industry, thought to be a key driver in the push toward personalized medicine, faces challenges that are stunting advances in research and patient care. Among the obstacles the laboratory sector must overcome include: low availability of high-quality biospecimens, issues with integrated workflow, and problems with sample management processes.

Established in the late 1990s, biobanks store human biological materials and the information gleaned from them for use in medical research. The specimens may include skin cells, blood and organ tissue to name a few. Researchers derive important data from the samples housed in these repositories. Because of the sensitive nature of the samples they house, however, biobanks have been under fire for privacy and medical ethics issues.

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