Healthcare is becoming a major target of the technology giants

Healthcare is becoming a major target of the technology giants

The estimated $3 trillion that consumers spend annually on healthcare in the USA is becoming a major target of technology giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft, according to a recent article on

Healthcare is a market sector that has – perhaps surprisingly – been less affected by the sweeping revolution in technology that has reformed other market sectors such as retail and finance in the last decade. However, the signs are that the technology leaders in the market are moving inexorably closer to healthcare and are intensifying their efforts to put their stake in the ground – this is exemplified by initiatives such as Apple’s Heart Study, which has been implemented via a dedicated app, Amazon’s investment in cancer-detection start-up Grail, and Google holding company Alphabet’s acquisition of health app-developer Senosis Health.

These market developments are great news for Grace Century portfolio projects Quantum, Blue Box, and MediXall, who are positioned perfectly to take advantage of such market dynamics.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, said “Our portfolio projects Quantum, Blue Box, and MediXall have been a long way ahead of the curve for some time now with regard to technology and its potential application to the wider healthcare market. Now that the world’s largest technology companies – who also happen to be the world’s largest companies full-stop – have their focus exactly on this space right now, it is a very exciting time for our portfolio projects”.

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