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Store-A-Tooth – Helping In The Future Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes?

smile-n-teeth-1623902A recent article on Fox News chronicles the story of Juno Wozniak, who diagnosed with Diabetes when just 11 months old

Her mother Billie Sue had feared her daughter was an risk of a significantly shorter life span, however she soon learned about encapsulation therapy, in which an encapsulated device containing insulin-producing islet cells derived from stem cells is implanted under the skin. She then discovered Store-A-Tooth, and subsequently Juno had 4 teeth extracted and stored so her stem cells could be cryopreserved and potentially used for future encapsulation therapy.

Billie is aware that this approach is“a risk”  and she “doesn’t know for sure if it will work out,” however there is an increasing body of medical evidence to suggest that stem cell therapy has huge potential for future treatments of multiple illness, with type 1 diabetes being high on the list of possibilities.

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Store-A-Tooth in The News….Again!

CBS 4 NewsMedia coverage of Provia Labs’ dental stem cell storage product Store-A-Tooth has grown considerably in recent weeks – and the media interest seems to be growing even stronger.

CBS 4 News is the latest broadcaster to cover the product, with their story about 9-year old Alex Hess, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes aged 4. Alex’s parents were aware of the potential of future personalized and preventative medicine via the storage of stem cells – however thought that the only possibility of harvesting stem cells was from umbilical cord blood. They were pleasantly surprized to learn that dental stem cells from baby teeth could also be stored, and that Store-A-Tooth provided a perfect solution for them to store Alex’s stem cells in the hope that better treatments or even a cure for Type 1 Diabetes can be developed in future years.
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