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Provia Labs launch stem cell library

LaboratoryGrace Century dental stem cell storage technology partner Provia Labs have announced the launch of a valuable new resource – access to comprehensive library of stem cell material, specially allocated for stem cell researchers.

The library includes ready to ship mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from dental pulp (DPSC) found in human third molars or human exfoliated deciduous teeth, as well as from follicular tissue, adipose tissue, placental tissue, and umbilical cord tissue. Provia is currently developing inventory of MSCs from bone marrow, chorionic villi, and amniotic fluid.

Howard Greenman, CEO of Provia Laboratories, said “It is part of our mission to deliver quality products and services that accelerate the development of cellular therapies. Delivering high quality stem cell material to researchers fits right at the core of our mission.”

Read the full press release by clicking here.

Store-A-Tooth Featured on CBS58 News

storeatoothgirl-200x300Once again – Grace Century’s dental stem cell storage project partner – Provia Labs, and their branded product Store-A-Tooth – has been featured as a video news item on a US news network.

Milwaukee-based CBS58 ran a news item which focused on the potential for children’s teeth to be used a source of dental stem cells, which could provide valuable medical treatments for that child in the future via their potenial ability to transform into different types of cells and regenerate organs, providing hope to people suffering life-threatening conditions.

Dr. Peter Verlander, founder of Store-A-Tooth, is featured in the article and describes dental stem cell storage technology by saying “we think of it as having different tools in a tool kit.”

Watch the full video article on CBS58 by clicking here.

Provia Labs / Store-a-tooth hold’s its First “Family Appreciation Day”

Provia Labs FAD 1Provia labs held a special events day, inviting select customers, employees, as well as their families to a fun filled luncheon. Showcasing different segments of Store-a-tooth’s client base, the day was captured by a film crew and included interviews with different families.

Included was a family who had an adopted daughter, so they never had the ability to bank cord blood. Another family had a child with Type 1 Diabetes, who hadn’t banked cord blood and explained why they now regret it. They see Provia as a second chance.

A third family was a dad with his college age son studying Microbiology. The son told the parents about stem cell banking when he was having his wisdom teeth out, and now they are the strongest advocates.

Prior to the event, CEO Howard Greenman instructed employees to group into teams, “Apprentice Style” , and pick a project manager, name the team, and develop an activity for the luncheon – winning team gets a prize.

  1. Team “Pulp Fiction” created a dental/stem cell jeopardy game
  2. Team “Dr. D-Ciduous” created a photo booth for people to take pics (with lab props)
  3. Team “Lab Olympics” created a contest/tournament to race to fill pipette tips into a rack


Provia Labs FAD 2 Provia Labs FAD 3 Provia Labs FAD 4

In Honour of the day, Dr. Peter Verlander’s son (unplanned) lost a tooth!

Provia Labs FAD 5

More on Provia’s engagement with US Capital

ProviaLabssquare21We recently reported the existing news that our portfolio partner, Provia Laboratories LLC (Provia), had engaged US Capital Partners Inc. (US Capital) as its strategic advisor for a $2M capital raise.

The details  of the engagement are now available at http://www.provialabs.com/investor-relations.

Prove are planning to utilise the new financing primarily to grow its sales and marketing function to support new products and services.

A full press release on the engagement is now available by clicking on this link.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, commented “Grace Century is thrilled to have handed over the reins to Provia’ s first Institutional funder U.S. Capital. As a Board advisor, we will continue to assist in  all other areas, especially in help Provia expand here in the Middle east and Asia.”

Store-A-Tooth hits the news in Canada

Boy shows gesture OK rejoicing lost baby tooth

Once again, Store-A-Tooth is in the news.

Recently, Store-A-Tooth – the dental stem cell storage system created by Grace Century project partner Provia – started accepting Canadian teeth to be frozen and stored in its Massachusetts lab, which stimulated new media attention and further opinion from medical professionals, as recent article on Global News reported.

Dr. Joe Laning is Provia’s chief technology officer, and he recently said “Cellular medicine is going to be a big part of what we rely on to rebuild broken parts of the body. Theoretically, I think (teeth stem cells) would be used for reconstituting organ function or to build bone.”

Dr. Laning says teeth should be transited to the company’s special transport kit within 48 hours of being pulled to ensure the best results in terms. So far, 60 Canadians have sent their baby teeth to Store-A-Tooth.

Read the fill story and watch the video on Global News here.

Store-A-Tooth – Helping In The Future Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes?

smile-n-teeth-1623902A recent article on Fox News chronicles the story of Juno Wozniak, who diagnosed with Diabetes when just 11 months old

Her mother Billie Sue had feared her daughter was an risk of a significantly shorter life span, however she soon learned about encapsulation therapy, in which an encapsulated device containing insulin-producing islet cells derived from stem cells is implanted under the skin. She then discovered Store-A-Tooth, and subsequently Juno had 4 teeth extracted and stored so her stem cells could be cryopreserved and potentially used for future encapsulation therapy.

Billie is aware that this approach is“a risk”  and she “doesn’t know for sure if it will work out,” however there is an increasing body of medical evidence to suggest that stem cell therapy has huge potential for future treatments of multiple illness, with type 1 diabetes being high on the list of possibilities.

Read the full Fox News article here.

Stem Cells could be used to cure deafness from birth


Scientists believe they are on the brink of a cure for congenital deafness after producing stem cells to correct a hereditary defect.

Researchers have found a way of growing human cochlear cells which can be used to replace faulty ones in people deaf from birth due to a genetic error.

They hope a treatment could be available to patients within five to 10 years.Professor Kazusaku Kamiya, a specialist in ear diseases who is leading the research,

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Harvesting stem cells from teeth?


In the past, people having babies were making decisions about banking stem cells in the delivery room. Now, they may get a second chance, when their kids are sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Stem cells harvested through umbilical cords, or blood banking, has been one way. Parents have been taking precautionary steps to protect their children’s health should disease or injury strike down the road.

Now there is a less invasive way as researchers say there are viable stem cells in our teeth.

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Doctor from McHenry, IL Encourages Patients to Bank Their Teeth


Very few people actually know that baby teeth can be harvested and cryogenically preserved to potentially save lives in the future.

A story, recently published in Northeast Herald tells about Dr. Douglas Colthurst of Colthurst DDS General Dentistry, based in McHenry, IL, who recommends his patients to donate their teeth to dental stem cell banks.

About 10 years ago, Colthurst received a dental stem cell banking newsletter and decided to take advantage of it.

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Provia Labs Expands its Stem Cell Portfolio to Amniotic Fluid, Chorionic Villi, and Placenta



The proper collection, transport, processing, testing and preservation of stem cells is a crucial and significant part of the regenerative medicine value chain and stem cell therapy. The stem cell therapy market is estimated to exceed $180B in 2030 (Frost and Sullivan). In preparation for a future where stem cell therapies are a significant part of healthcare, companies have provided stem cell banking services from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood for over two decades. Thousands of patients have been treated with stem cells and well over a million families have privately preserved stem cells for their families own future use.

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