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Quantum’s latest blog points the way forward


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The latest blog from Grace Century’s portfolio project , Quantum Group’s PWeR, is an insightful look into the future of the electronic health records (EHR) industry.

Quantum CEO, Noel Guillama explains in the article that improved care was supposed to be the result of the drive in recent years to populate the US healthcare system with EHR’s, however little evidence has shown that Meaningful Use Certification (MU-2) has done this. Hence, MU2 is not meaningful to MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015) and the associated inefficiencies have potentially cost the industry billions of dollar.

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Subscribing to Cloud Computing

3D illustration. Image background concept of cloud computing.

A recent article on ZD Net takes a look at cloud computing / technology and how it the business models to generate revenue from related products have evolved over the years.

Our electronic medical records partner The Quantum Group Inc, have developed an innovative cloud- based system known PWeR, which a shortened version of Personal Wellness Record. Quantum currently employs a subscription model, which interestingly is how most the companies who use cloud technology in other industries – Amazon being a prime example – are structuring their business models.

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, commented “this is an interesting article on the subject of cloud technology, and from our perspective is it notable that Quantum have taken a commercial path which is similar to that of cutting-edge industry giants in other technology-based market sectors. The difference between the healthcare sector and other market sectors is that the use of cloud computing and related technology is very much behind in the healthcare sector, and Quantum are one of the very few companies in this sector who have embraced such technology at a best-practice level.”

Read the full article on ZD Net by clicking here.

Dubai Health Authority to roll out Salama in 2017

Patient medical record browse on tablet in someone hand on white background.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced that Salama, its electronic medical record (EMR) system, will be rolled out in three phases this year, according to a recent article in Computer Weekly.

11,000 DHA staff will be trained to use Salama in 2017, which already contains 1.4 million patient records and has experienced 112 million transactions. The three phases will be rolled out in April, August and November of this year respectively

Amani Al Jassmi, director of information technology at the DHA, said “Salama marks the transformation of our medical services as it re-engineers the entire process, unifying 25 applications through a single interface. The records system will bring together information about radiology, laboratory, dental, dietetics and so on under one single system.”

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, commented, “As always, Dubai continues to lead the world in healthcare reform, by giving patients more control over their own health. Like our Portfolio project, the Quantum Group (and it’s platform PWeR™), patient portals are key by empowering people over their own records.”

Read the full story on Computer Weekly here


The Quantum Group Receives 13th Patent

BN-GZ066_EdpCha_P_20150216111110The Quantum Group, Inc. (QGP) is pleased to report that in the last month of 2016 it has added yet another success in the Company’s path towards helping redefine healthcare, with the issuance of its 13th patent.

This 13th patent was permanently recorded on December 27, 2016, as United States Patent #9,532,295. The patent, originally filed on August 23, 2013, bears the title “Predictive path communication protocol across a network of transiently connected mobile devices”.

One of the great benefits of PWeR is that it can collect and assemble all of an individual’s medical information from any point on the planet, and then store that data centrally, securely in one place, or online. Similarly, PWeR can then use the Internet to project it to any point on earth, on demand, as required, and in a secure manner. PWeR is capable of this, but in some places, communication of such large amounts of data is impractical and/or expensive. Predictive Path Protocol is a communication technique designed to resolve that limitation, inexpensively, at any remote point.

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Electronic Health Record Market Expected to Surge


The increased demand for digital and automative technology in medicine is driving a significant increase in demand for electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) products, according to our recent article in Digital Journal.

The technology behind EMR enables the storage of a huge range of data pertaining to the medical history of patients, delivering fast access of patient information to clinicians and ultimately promoting better clinical outcomes for patients. The prevalence of EMR uptake is especially pronounced in larger hospitals, with a slower uptake currently observed in smaller hospitals however it is felt that this lower uptake is related to the relatively smaller budgets that smaller hospitals have at their disposal.

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PWeR Inc. Joins the Palm Beach Technology Group

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.04.48 AMThe Quantum Group have announced that PWeR, Inc. (Personal Wellness electronic Records) have joined The Palm Beach Technology Association, or ?Palm Beach Tech? (PBT).

PBT is a non-profit membership association uniting, building, and enhancing the creativity of innovators and entrepreneurs in Palm Beach County. They are involved in software development, mechanical & electrical engineering, as well as technology industries throughout Palm Beach County. As a countywide trade association, Palm Beach Tech promotes industry growth by working with business groups, educational institutions, and government entities to support the goals of member companies. The core focus is to produce positive long-term economic impact and growth by attracting new business, supporting startups, and building the talent pool.

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Grace Century Increases Market Presence in Singapore

Grace Century CEO Scott Wolf presenting to partners in SingaporeGrace Century has successfully boosted its presence in Asia’s early-growth private equity market after being invited to a series of meetings and seminars. Scott Wolf, Grace Century’s CEO and Director of Research, represented the company in Singapore May 28 through June 3, 2015.

A growing demand for U.S. Dollar denominated projects, plus a strong appetite for health and regenerative medicine themed investments by Asian investors, were key factors which prompted the invite from Grace Century’s Singaporean colleagues. Grace Century sought to capitalize on its expertise, in what is an increasingly attractive sector for early growth investment projects. Weakness in Singaporean real estate has added fuel for investors to diversify.

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Electronic Health Records Secrets–the genie is out of the bottle

genie According to Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research of Grace Century, the general consensus from our (Grace Century) group, relating to this recent

Forbes article (see below) on the electronic health record, is that it is 100% correct.

“This is an amazing industry that can and will save millions of lives, but at the end of the day it’s all about money. The bigger companies have found a golden goose. The big and small companies are holding data hostage, and the reality is that the industry will pay for that data over and over!” says Wolf. “The big players have a vested interest in preventing interoperability, because it will shift advantage to real innovators verse legacy. The industry is still controlled by legacy, because they have capital and can deploy 100 people to turn on a major system. Most of the cost of legacy is the cost of the consultants, and NOT the software. Scary stuff, but no one can control change– especially when it can benefit and save lives. The genie is definitely out of the bottle!?
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Stage 3 MU – a continuous bowl of spaghetti?

spagetti “It seems to me the whole industry is making it up as they go along,? says Scott Wolf, Director of Research and CEO of Grace Century. ?In an extremely complicated industry, it seems simple. The desired outcome is a secure universal exchange of information on patients records. Instead, what we are seeing is a bowl of see is a continuous bowl of spaghetti.?

My Hopes For Stage 3 MU

By Ken Congdon, editor-in-chief, Health IT Outcomes @KenOnHIT
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