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MediXall Announce Launch of Phase 2 Recruitment of Healthcare Providers

MediXall article May 4th 2017It has recently been reported on Yahoo! News that MediXall Group, Inc., who are the medical network arm of Grace Century Electronic Medical Records (EMR) portfolio partner Quantum, have announced the launch of Phase 2 in the recruitment of Healthcare Providers. This has been done with the Provider Development Website, which has been designed to speed-up the enlisting of selected physician practices, diagnostic centers and medical services companies to the MediXaid Platform.

MediXall Group Chief Operating Officer, Carl Larsen, stated, “We are excited by the overwhelmingly positive response we are receiving from healthcare practices to join the MediXaid® Provider Network. We believe we have developed a strong marketing and sales program that will both facilitate the rapid development of a strong healthcare provider network in the South Florida are, plus will further serve as a foundation for expanding our reach throughout the State and nationwide.”

Grace Century President and Director of Research Scott Wolf said “Fresh Out of the box, Grace Century and Quantum’s Portfolio firm is moving forward fast. We are so excited for this firm, with Beta testing expected over the summer.”

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The Quantum Group Receives 13th Patent

BN-GZ066_EdpCha_P_20150216111110The Quantum Group, Inc. (QGP) is pleased to report that in the last month of 2016 it has added yet another success in the Company’s path towards helping redefine healthcare, with the issuance of its 13th patent.

This 13th patent was permanently recorded on December 27, 2016, as United States Patent #9,532,295. The patent, originally filed on August 23, 2013, bears the title “Predictive path communication protocol across a network of transiently connected mobile devices”.

One of the great benefits of PWeR is that it can collect and assemble all of an individual’s medical information from any point on the planet, and then store that data centrally, securely in one place, or online. Similarly, PWeR can then use the Internet to project it to any point on earth, on demand, as required, and in a secure manner. PWeR is capable of this, but in some places, communication of such large amounts of data is impractical and/or expensive. Predictive Path Protocol is a communication technique designed to resolve that limitation, inexpensively, at any remote point.

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Brain Cancer to be Cured With Stem Cells


Few major advances in treating aggressive brain cancer were made earlier this year, according to neurosurgeons from the University of North Carolina.

Assistant Professor Shawn Hingtgen of UNC’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy Lab has been researching new methodology of deadly brain tumours treatment and believes that a cure could originate from stem cells.

One of the most dangerous types of brain tumours – gliobastoma – leaves a high risk of cancer return even after its removal.

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Cloud-based EMR… economical, functional and efficient

Scott Wolf, Grace Century?s CEO, commented on the recent shutdown of Boston Children?s Hospital EMR, “This is exactly why the only answer, like our project with The Quantum Group, is cloud-based EMR. It just doesn?t make any sense to do it any other way?not economically, functionality, or in efficiency.”

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Google Glass and other technologies will continue to enhance healthcare services

telemedicine?The world is travelling faster than ever before,” comments Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “As we read in the article below, the applications are endless for the convergence of technology and information systems with regard to healthcare.”

“Even this week, the outbreak of influenza in the U.S. has doctors seeing patients over Skype, versus risking infecting more people by having them come to the office,? says Wolf, ?…it?s the modern-day house call.”

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Your smartphone is not that smart… yet!

smartphone“There is just no way to skirt around HIPAA privacy rules,? says Scott wolf, CEO of Grace Century. ?While the mobile phone manufactuers like Apple are keen to supply you with as many health related apps as they can, regulation is the engine?s governor with regulation?s web and ‘patients? rights’ concerns.?

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