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Dubai Health Authority to roll out Salama in 2017

Patient medical record browse on tablet in someone hand on white background.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced that Salama, its electronic medical record (EMR) system, will be rolled out in three phases this year, according to a recent article in Computer Weekly.

11,000 DHA staff will be trained to use Salama in 2017, which already contains 1.4 million patient records and has experienced 112 million transactions. The three phases will be rolled out in April, August and November of this year respectively

Amani Al Jassmi, director of information technology at the DHA, said “Salama marks the transformation of our medical services as it re-engineers the entire process, unifying 25 applications through a single interface. The records system will bring together information about radiology, laboratory, dental, dietetics and so on under one single system.”

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research for Grace Century, commented, “As always, Dubai continues to lead the world in healthcare reform, by giving patients more control over their own health. Like our Portfolio project, the Quantum Group (and it’s platform PWeR™), patient portals are key by empowering people over their own records.”

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Dubai Health Authority to Roll Out Telemedicine Support Technology

dnews-files-2013-01-rp-vita-irobotbigThe Dubai Health Authority (DHA)?have announced plans to use telemedicine in order to provide access to best health-care specialists in remote parts of the Emirates.

The technology is called “Dubai Robo Doc” and is currently set up at Hatta Hospital, with plans for it to be rolled out to other Primary Health Centres (PHC’s) and hospitals?by the end of the November. Dubai Robo Dco will enable connections between patients and specialists doctors via telemedicine, which can help in multiples field of healthcare and medicine.

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UAE Pushes New Horizons In Health Care Insurance

Someone holding an emirates ID card.Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, which is based in the United Arab Emirates comments ?I am so proud how the UAE continuously pushes new horizons on every front, and especially Health Care. The introduction of Saada, an insurance program announced by the DHA (Dubai Health Authority), where residents will be able to use their Emirates national ID in place of a conventional health card issued by an insurance company, is a fantastic initiative. I agree with the comments made that this should streamline processes, and reduce potential fraud and misuses of medical insurance services. Congrats UAE!?

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