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Survey showed doctors are increasing their use of electronic medical records – really?

pickleAccording to Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, ?My university statistician professor started the very first day of class by saying ‘100% of the people who ate pickles in 1742′ died. Therefore pickles cause death.’ That comment has stuck with me over the years on just how much statistics can be manipulated to anyone?s benefit.”

The report (linked below) indicates that 3,700 physicians were surveyed in eight countries in order to show that 91% of the doctors are using EMRs. “We know this is misleading,” said Wolf.

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Pioneering stem cell treatment could offer hope to 750,000 heart patients

chronicheartdiseasestemcellresearchAs universities and research centers around the world, continue to unravel the wonders of stem cells, we will consistently continue to read about studies and hear about promising news from many sources. We are experiencing the stem cell revolution, and the possibilities are endless. “We know one thing for sure, the younger the cells are the better, and hence why we are confident that our project Provia Labs and Store-A-Tooth are in the right space of bio-banking,” says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century.

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Telemedicine and mobile healthcare trends in greater demand

Trends such as telemedicine and mobility

Trends such as telemedicine and mobility are quickly becoming not only accepted, but demanded by both providers and users in the healthcare sector,? says Scott Wolf, Director of Research and CEO of Grace Century.

According to Wolf and just as the article below articulates, Grace Century’s Quantum Group project has been incorporating the telemedicine capability from its inception to stay ahead of obvious wants and needs in the EMR (electronic medical record) healthcare space.

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Electronic Health Records and the use patients? work information to address health issues

EHR?One of the key benefits associated with electronic health records is data mining,? says Scott Wolf, Director of Reserach and CEO of Grace Century.

Never before have we been able to gather, sort, and turn raw data into useable information in relation to healthcare. This information obviously is a key ingredient in our project, The Quantum Group, and their awarded ?Wellness Index,? which assigns a single score to a person?s health. Just like one’s FICO score, it will become invaluable in analyzing a person?s well-being.

The following article discusses one of the key ingredients, a person?s occupation and one’s association to one’s personal health and well being.

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Like “bees to honey”–the potential of health apps and smartphones

tinyicon_69?Like bees to honey?…everybody can see the potential of health apps and smartphones,? says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “We have seen this happening for years now,” according to Noel Guillama, President of The Quantum Group Inc., Grace Century’s electronic medical record project. “There are plenty of patents pending in the healthcare app space, but we believe Apple cannot navigate in it. Google tried,” Wolf adds. “You can’t just toggle HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) on and off. The law says if you touch any provider PHI, everything has to be HIPAA. As I said, Goggle tried.”

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Brain damage caused by strokes could be repaired thanks to a new stem cell treatment

Hope for future treatment of thousands of stroke sufferers from stem cells

Brain damage caused by strokes could be repaired thanks to a new treatment which could revolutionise the treatment for the deadly condition.Brain damage caused by strokes could be repaired thanks to a new treatment which could revolutionise the treatment for the deadly condition.

This is one of the many breakthrough and promising studies being done using a person?s own stem cells. As we have noted, the least invasive way to get these cells, as compared to this story where they harvest the stem cells from bone marrow, is from children?s milk teeth when they come out. Add to this the power and rejuvenation in these cells from a 7-year old as compared to a 60-year-old, and the beneficial argument to bio-banking is obvious. Our project, Provia Labs and their branded Store-a-Tooth service are bio-bank leaders for stem cells.

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Grace Century?s Electronic Health Records Project, The Quantum Group, Signs $10 Million Funding Agreement with U.K.?s Pro-Activ Group

QIsquare2For Immediate Release
Contact: Laurie Pehar Borsh PR +1-8009152151×706

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE (July 29, 2014)?Grace Century, has announced that a $10M allotment in Preferred Series AA, 5% has been agreed with U.K.?s joint relationship between Pro-Activ Group and Property Accountancy & Management Ltd. to advance the EHR (electronic health record) project with The Quantum Group, Inc., utilizing their technology platform, PWeR? 2.0. ?This is a ?game-changer? for Quantum and upon successful completion, will be sufficient to launch Quantum to market within 90 days in the U.S.,? said Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century.

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Dental stem cells may assist stroke patients

BDJ_Vol_216_Cover_11British Dental Journal 216, 612 (2014)
Published online: 13 June 2014 | doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2014.469

Stem cells from teeth can develop and form complex networks of brain-like cells, according to laboratory studies undertaken at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Stem Cell Research. Although these cells haven’t developed into fully fledged neurons, researchers believe it’s just a matter of time and the right conditions for it to happen.

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