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Are electronic health records safe? Tech is not fool proof!

doctor-using-mobile-chart-checking-patient-corbis_573x300After the recent hacking scandal of so many retailers and banks, many question the integrity and safety of the ?cloud,” says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century.?This article makes a great point, that like anything else… including our finances and credit records, it is ultimately each individuals responsibility to keep vigilant on their own personal information. Technology, at this juncture, is never going to be “fool proof!”

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Could healthcare be the next windfall for tech funds?

iAccording to Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, “With demographics in favor of the healthcare sector, and technology moving in favor of health related ventures, venture capitalists smell blood. The one thing they never tell you is that when it comes to a pure start-up, it is very difficult to get funding after the ‘dot-com debacle’ –and that is without giving away a major piece of the pie.?

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Your smartphone is not that smart… yet!

smartphone“There is just no way to skirt around HIPAA privacy rules,? says Scott wolf, CEO of Grace Century. ?While the mobile phone manufactuers like Apple are keen to supply you with as many health related apps as they can, regulation is the engine?s governor with regulation?s web and ‘patients? rights’ concerns.?

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Medical cast using 3D printing could heal broken bones faster

The lattice pattern  means it does not smell or itch- unlike traditional castsAs new innovations, such as the 3-D printer take hold, Grace Century continues to search for the next ?big thing? in life sciences and healthcare. According to Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, “The Osteiod is exactly the kind of product that we look for to bring value to our investors in the right space. We have reached out to the firm to discover their needs.”

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Survey showed doctors are increasing their use of electronic medical records – really?

pickleAccording to Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century, ?My university statistician professor started the very first day of class by saying ‘100% of the people who ate pickles in 1742′ died. Therefore pickles cause death.’ That comment has stuck with me over the years on just how much statistics can be manipulated to anyone?s benefit.”

The report (linked below) indicates that 3,700 physicians were surveyed in eight countries in order to show that 91% of the doctors are using EMRs. “We know this is misleading,” said Wolf.

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Pioneering stem cell treatment could offer hope to 750,000 heart patients

chronicheartdiseasestemcellresearchAs universities and research centers around the world, continue to unravel the wonders of stem cells, we will consistently continue to read about studies and hear about promising news from many sources. We are experiencing the stem cell revolution, and the possibilities are endless. “We know one thing for sure, the younger the cells are the better, and hence why we are confident that our project Provia Labs and Store-A-Tooth are in the right space of bio-banking,” says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century.

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Telemedicine and mobile healthcare trends in greater demand

Trends such as telemedicine and mobility

Trends such as telemedicine and mobility are quickly becoming not only accepted, but demanded by both providers and users in the healthcare sector,? says Scott Wolf, Director of Research and CEO of Grace Century.

According to Wolf and just as the article below articulates, Grace Century’s Quantum Group project has been incorporating the telemedicine capability from its inception to stay ahead of obvious wants and needs in the EMR (electronic medical record) healthcare space.

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Electronic Health Records and the use patients? work information to address health issues

EHR?One of the key benefits associated with electronic health records is data mining,? says Scott Wolf, Director of Reserach and CEO of Grace Century.

Never before have we been able to gather, sort, and turn raw data into useable information in relation to healthcare. This information obviously is a key ingredient in our project, The Quantum Group, and their awarded ?Wellness Index,? which assigns a single score to a person?s health. Just like one’s FICO score, it will become invaluable in analyzing a person?s well-being.

The following article discusses one of the key ingredients, a person?s occupation and one’s association to one’s personal health and well being.

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Like “bees to honey”–the potential of health apps and smartphones

tinyicon_69?Like bees to honey?…everybody can see the potential of health apps and smartphones,? says Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. “We have seen this happening for years now,” according to Noel Guillama, President of The Quantum Group Inc., Grace Century’s electronic medical record project. “There are plenty of patents pending in the healthcare app space, but we believe Apple cannot navigate in it. Google tried,” Wolf adds. “You can’t just toggle HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) on and off. The law says if you touch any provider PHI, everything has to be HIPAA. As I said, Goggle tried.”

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