Store a Tooth


Provia Laboratories, LLC offers Store-A-Tooth, the industry-leading dental stem cell banking service for preserving the stem cells found in baby teeth and wisdom teeth.

Store-A-Tooth has been available since 2006 from dentists across the U.S. At the core of our tooth transport device is the Save-A-Tooth device, which is FDA-approved and ADA accepted for the preservation of avulsed teeth. We use Save-A-Tooth for tooth collection and transport to ensure optimal viability of your sample for processing and cryopreservation. Our laboratory is FDA-registered, CLIA-certified, and AABB-accredited.

As the research community learns more and more about stem cells and dental stem cells specifically, our goal at Provia Labs is to make this information available to you so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. We welcome questions and feedback, it helps us provide better information and services.

Contact us for more information about Store-A-Tooth and Grace Century’s associated projects.