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Store-A-Tooth in The News….Again!

CBS 4 NewsMedia coverage of Provia Labs’ dental stem cell storage product Store-A-Tooth has grown considerably in recent weeks – and the media interest seems to be growing even stronger.

CBS 4 News is the latest broadcaster to cover the product, with their story about 9-year old Alex Hess, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes aged 4. Alex’s parents were aware of the potential of future personalized and preventative medicine via the storage of stem cells – however thought that the only possibility of harvesting stem cells was from umbilical cord blood. They were pleasantly surprized to learn that dental stem cells from baby teeth could also be stored, and that Store-A-Tooth provided a perfect solution for them to store Alex’s stem cells in the hope that better treatments or even a cure for Type 1 Diabetes can be developed in future years.
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An Early Provia News Item……….How Quickly Things Change

storeatoothsquare2Almost two years ago, a story appeared on the website which reported on how a start-up company had recently moved it’s headquarters to Littleton in Massachusetts. The company in question focussed on developing storage technology for baby teeth, which had been identified a decade earlier as containing a viable concentration of stem cells, to enable the stem cells to be safely stored for future use in medicine personalized to the owner of the tooth – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Cancer had been cited as illness that could be treated with future stem cell-related medicine.

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Store-A-Tooth Video Features on Keye TV

Stem Cell Research Grace CenturyThe trend for parents to store their children’s baby teeth, harvesting stem cells for future use in protecting their child’s health is one which is on the rise, with more and more parents now opting for harvesting dental stem cells – just like RJ and Cindy Brideau.

In this video featured on Keye TV, RJ and Cindy explain how they have made the choice to store the dental stem cells of their three children using Store-A-Tooth dental stem cell storage technology developed by Grace Century project partner Provia Laboratories, hoping that they will be able to help treat illnesses such as diabetes and cancer in future. RJ was quoted as saying “The thought that this could potentially solve something, to me it was never do you want to do this, it’s how can you not do this? How can you not give yourself an opportunity that in that one chance you need it, you have it?”
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Provia Laboratories Featured in MillionaireAsia Magazine

Millionaire Asia ClubIn the second of two articles related to Grace Century to feature in MillionaireAsia magazine, our Dental Stem Cell Storage Technology partner, Provia Laboratories is the main subject of “Sinking Teeth Into Stem Cell Banking” features contributions from Provia CEO Howard Greenman.

“MillionaireAsia” is a regional Asian magazine targeted at High Net Worth Individuals with a database of 140,000 millionaires in across multiple Asian geographies

The magazine will be official released into circulation on November 12th, however you can read the article featuring Provia Laboratories in full via the link below:

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Scott Wolf, Grace Century CEO, Authors Featured Article in MillionaireAsia Magazine

Millionaire Asia ClubIn the first of two articles related to Grace Century to feature in MillionareAsia magazine, Grace Century CEO and Director of Research Scott Wolf has authored an article entitled “Opening Doors for Start-ups”, an insightful review of some of the considerations and challenges surrounding the securing of venture capital, commonly faced by new companies.

MillionaireAsia is a regional Asian magazine targeted at High Net Worth Individuals with a database of 140,000 millionaires in across multiple Asian geographies.

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Grace Century Video Article – Project Featured on Yahoo! News

Yahoo NewsYahoo! News recently featured a video article highlighting the great benefits of freezing dental stems to be stored for future use in regenerative medicine – precisely the project that we support through our partner Provia Laboratories and their dental stem cell storage product Store-A-Tooth.

Click here to watch the video

The Main Threat to Your Job? Technology….

Jobs Under Threat From TechnologyAn article by CNBC looks at the ten most-likely-to-be-obsolete jobs based on the advancement of technology and how it can replace the functions carried out by humans today. The list originated from the US Department of Labor Data and under-threat professionals include insurance underwriter, news reporters and mailmen / women.

Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research for Grace Century comments “this is EXACTLY what we wrote in our blog last week on technology changing our landscape; this article says it all! To quote: Technology is changing the way everyone works, but it’s hitting some jobs harder than others”.

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Potential for Increased Stem Cell Research in Kazakhstan

Khazakhstan FlagGrace Century has been watching recent events in Kazakhstan with interest.

In a recent speech, President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed significant further investment in scientific research – one of the areas that could benefit is stem cell research, with Ivan Korkan, who is the Head of the Family Medicine Center, giving interviews to local news on the importance stem cells in future research.

Grace Century have in recent months working closely with their stem cell storage technology partner Provia Laboratories to successfully develop joint ventures in the wider Russia and CIS territories, and Grace Century CEO and Director of Research Scott Wolf said “As this article illustrates, untapped markets, just learning about the benefits of stem cells, fall square in our radar, hence why we are so excited with helping secure Provia Laboratories Russian and CIS Joint venture.”

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New Dental Partners Announced for Store-A-Tooth

handshake-dentalSM2Grace Century’s dental stem cell project partner Provia Labs have announced that Dr. Alexander Trujillo and Dr. Kira Miro-Trujillo will begin a partnership with Provia’s Store-A-Tooth dental stem cell storage service. The purpose of the partnership is primarily educational – Dr. Alexander and Dr. Kira will facilitate learning about the science, technology and associated possibilities of dental stem cell storage for inquirers of the product.

Read the announcement on Store-A-Tooth’s website here

Watch Store-A-Tooth’s video on dental cell bio banking here (approx. 2 mins)

A True Success Story For Stem Cell Therapy

Picture of Dr. Paul Success Story: “We are always trying to utilize our network in any beneficial way;” – explains Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. – “However, rarely do we get the opportunity to help in this way. Dr. Paul, a loyal Member and investor in both our projects had come to us asking for help in his personal condition. Knowing that Provia Labs concentrates on the banking of stem-cells and not therapies, we were able to introduce him through a colleague to Okyanos Cell Therapy – this introduction to stem cell therapy turned out to be a life-changing event for Paul. It’s great to help people financially, but when you can help someone’s life, it is truly special” – concludes Wolf.

Read Paul’s story here