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The Main Threat to Your Job? Technology….

Jobs Under Threat From TechnologyAn article by CNBC looks at the ten most-likely-to-be-obsolete jobs based on the advancement of technology and how it can replace the functions carried out by humans today. The list originated from the US Department of Labor Data and under-threat professionals include insurance underwriter, news reporters and mailmen / women.

Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research for Grace Century comments “this is EXACTLY what we wrote in our blog last week on technology changing our landscape; this article says it all! To quote: Technology is changing the way everyone works, but it’s hitting some jobs harder than others”.

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Potential for Increased Stem Cell Research in Kazakhstan

Khazakhstan FlagGrace Century has been watching recent events in Kazakhstan with interest.

In a recent speech, President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed significant further investment in scientific research – one of the areas that could benefit is stem cell research, with Ivan Korkan, who is the Head of the Family Medicine Center, giving interviews to local news on the importance stem cells in future research.

Grace Century have in recent months working closely with their stem cell storage technology partner Provia Laboratories to successfully develop joint ventures in the wider Russia and CIS territories, and Grace Century CEO and Director of Research Scott Wolf said “As this article illustrates, untapped markets, just learning about the benefits of stem cells, fall square in our radar, hence why we are so excited with helping secure Provia Laboratories Russian and CIS Joint venture.”

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New Dental Partners Announced for Store-A-Tooth

handshake-dentalSM2Grace Century’s dental stem cell project partner Provia Labs have announced that Dr. Alexander Trujillo and Dr. Kira Miro-Trujillo will begin a partnership with Provia’s Store-A-Tooth dental stem cell storage service. The purpose of the partnership is primarily educational – Dr. Alexander and Dr. Kira will facilitate learning about the science, technology and associated possibilities of dental stem cell storage for inquirers of the product.

Read the announcement on Store-A-Tooth’s website here

Watch Store-A-Tooth’s video on dental cell bio banking here (approx. 2 mins)

A True Success Story For Stem Cell Therapy

Picture of Dr. Paul Success Story: “We are always trying to utilize our network in any beneficial way;” – explains Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century. – “However, rarely do we get the opportunity to help in this way. Dr. Paul, a loyal Member and investor in both our projects had come to us asking for help in his personal condition. Knowing that Provia Labs concentrates on the banking of stem-cells and not therapies, we were able to introduce him through a colleague to Okyanos Cell Therapy – this introduction to stem cell therapy turned out to be a life-changing event for Paul. It’s great to help people financially, but when you can help someone’s life, it is truly special” – concludes Wolf.

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Grace Century’s CEO, Scott Wolf Discusses MillionaireAsia Presentation

Millionaire Asia ClubAs recently announced in a July 16th press release Grace Century’s CEO, Scott Wolf will be presenting to the Singapore arm of MillionaireAsia. Wolf comments “I believe this could develop to an exciting new channel for expanding our member base across Asia and then Australia.” The group recognizes that the publication is much more than a magazine but an important bridge between firms and the vital funding, as stated by their CEO: “MillionaireAsia is not just about print,” said Mr Yim, Group Publisher and Managing Editor, who launched the first edition of MillionaireAsia in Singapore 10 years ago, “We are looking at people that can make deals, create opportunities to bring projects to high net worth individuals and to connect people to capital, which is what we are all about.”

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The sound of silence…The end of an Era…

Wall_Street_sounds_off_as-84a03a910c52b8973d1030c53f4a4b3632 years ago, Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace Century started his financial career on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantil Exchange. Today, those pits go quiet for good, as Electronic trading is replacing most of the opened venues. In reflection, Wolf comments “The floor was the epitome of capitalism. Buyers and Sellers competed in open outcry for the best prices and was the embodiment of price discovery. It was a privilege to be involved and an experience to say the least. One might say: baptism by fire!” Scott Wolf started with Merrill lynch as a “runner” during his summers in college and later went on to do arbitrage for 8 banks in the D-Marks, Gold pits, and ultimately became an S&P floor trader for his own account as well as an order filler for customers.

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Grace Century Increases Market Presence in Singapore

Grace Century CEO Scott Wolf presenting to partners in SingaporeGrace Century has successfully boosted its presence in Asia’s early-growth private equity market after being invited to a series of meetings and seminars. Scott Wolf, Grace Century’s CEO and Director of Research, represented the company in Singapore May 28 through June 3, 2015.

A growing demand for U.S. Dollar denominated projects, plus a strong appetite for health and regenerative medicine themed investments by Asian investors, were key factors which prompted the invite from Grace Century’s Singaporean colleagues. Grace Century sought to capitalize on its expertise, in what is an increasingly attractive sector for early growth investment projects. Weakness in Singaporean real estate has added fuel for investors to diversify.

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Grace Century FZ, LLC Announces Exclusive United Kingdom Representation for Sanbu Limited of Provia Laboratories’ Proviasette Container

Provia Labs evolutionary tissue storage container, Proviasette, gets premier exclusive representation in the UK and Ireland via Grace Century’s due-diligence to choose Sanbu Limited.

Provia sought the ideal group to penetrate the European market. Sanbu’s network and track record are well established, both in number and geography. Sanbu Limited was a perfect fit.

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